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The Journey of GM Genius

Founders Dave, Dylan Gordon and Joe hail from the USA and wished to design a platform that would encourage teenagers to not only play the game but also develop math skills. They were targeting students aged between 13 and 19 – a demographic that has extremely low attention span online. The founders, however, were confident that if they found the right partners for building the fantasy football software, they would be able to pull off this concept successfully.

GM Genius founders' big question:

How can we create a fantasy football software app that helps teen improve math?

As we set out to answer this question, we decided to weave the games along NFL including features that would require both quantitative and logical reasoning. As per the client’s request, we included lessons based on line-ups and a combination of rewards that would benefit students.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Our main objective is to engage the teenager demographic and improve their math skills through the application.

  • We would create a thrilling fantasy football game that would compel users to use their math and reasoning skills while creating line-ups and playing.

  • We would like to upload video tips for the users, and constantly guide them in teaching about fantasy football software seamlessly.

  • We will ensure that the website performance is not affected due to heavy photos, videos or data. We will make the necessary customizations for a seamless experience.

  • We want to integrate college scholarships, for the top ten finishers periodically, include gift cards and other reward points in the fantasy sports app.

  • Since we already have our vFantasy framework ready, we wouldn’t have any problem including these rewards in the application.

User Stories

I want to test my math skills in drafting line-ups on a fantasy football app.

I want to learn math in a fun and interactive way that would help me excel in the subject.

I want to challenge my classmates to a fantasy football game regularly

What did we do?

For us it was more than the usual football fantasy application. We were addressing a tough to please demographic – the teens and we wanted to make the best of the opportunity. We created a fantasy football platform around NFL and smartly included drafting, playing and winning in ways so as to improve their math skills.


Market research

We are adept at pulling fantasy football software yet we studied the American application markets targeting teens. We found that a majority of applications were gaming apps and a formidable number of apps were educational apps.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles focused on American teens. Our online surveys on these users helped us identify their needs better and understand their preferences in terms of gameplays, sports preferences etc.

Business assessment document

We consolidated our findings and accommodated the vision of the clients in the application in a detailed document.

Creative workshop with client

We began with understanding the founders’ goals for the project which focused on improving math skills. Our team benefitted from their first-hand experience of dealing in educational activities.


GM Genius was to be fantasy sports platform for the teens focusing on improving math, so our wireframes had to echo both competitiveness and gaming.

UI design

Our UI and UX focused on the US teen preferences that we had collected during our user profile study.

Front-end development

Since we had our fantasy sports framework in readiness, we got into the front-end development very quickly. Constant quality checks analysis ensured the app was absolutely in sync with American teens’ preferences.


Our developers were constantly guided by the project managers who kept the founders in the loop so we could accelerate the process.


GM Genius was ready to launch within a few weeks after testing in the beta version.

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