Collect player cards, build and manage virtual teams in a never before free-to-play NFT fantasy football game

A smart idea that made users come back to the game daily!

 An amazing NFT style Season Long Fantasy with a unique idea to rekindle your interest for the Sport by Vinfotech

FantasyXchange is a fantasy football platform that allows users to be a virtual football manager of their team and buy player packs/cards, offering football fans an opportunity to test their skills and prove their knowledge against each other!

FantasyXchange offers a season long league that will last for the entirety of the English Premier League football season, where users compete for their chance of winning a grand prize at the end of the season & weekly tournaments, where users compete to win every week for free or using virtual FX coins.


Our users throng the platform every day of the week, collecting the player cards from the Shop and make changes to the team to take part in every weekly league to win cash and merchandises. We have an average audience of 30+ users for every league and an average of 50 leagues are being rolled out in the same time frame. Apart from this, we have our regular Season Long users who also take part in this game as well!

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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