Non-Draft Fantasy Football

Non-Draft Fantasy Football stuns American users with its games
nfl based season long fantasy football website development by vinfotech

The Journey of Non-Draft Fantasy Football

Charlie Bryan hails from the USA and approached Vinfotech for creating a traditional but stunning fantasy sports website. He wished to create a fantasy football website where American people could play season-long fantasy sports based on NFL. Our team had enough experience in fantasy sports website development, hence the project was closed in time quite easily.

Charlie’s big question:

How will this fantasy sports platform survive in a plethora of season-long options?

Our team showed them a number of season-long fantasy football platforms that we had created for fantasy sports players. We helped him understand that it’s possible to create your own niche even within the season-long fantasy football websites. Sure enough, the website was well-received by the targeted users who are now growing steadily.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I want to create a beautiful fantasy sports website without affecting the performance season-long format.

  • We have different algorithms for both and we integrated formats in a way so as to create a robust mechanism for running the website.

  • Season-long NFL means a lot of data along with user data. How will the website load faster?

  • We use trusted data providers and will create a scalable website that can handle any volume of load.

  • The website needs to look stunning and should be easy to navigate.

  • You can completely trust our design team that has delivered stunning websites in fantasy sports earlier.

User Stories

I want to compete against other fantasy sports players but only using the sports team I follow.

I want to share knowledge of my own favourite team while playing with others.

I want to interact and play with other fans who follow the teams I do.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech built a beautiful and easy to load season-long fantasy sports website where traditional fantasy sports players would participate in free and paid daily fantasy games.


Market research

We used our existing market research since we deliver several fantasy sports websites in a year.

Engaging with users

We had ready references of user profiles since our team is now fairly experienced in creating applications for the American demographic. We still create a group of fresh user profiles just in case.

Business assessment document

We then created a business assessment document in order to refer to whenever needed.

Creative workshop with client

We had several video conferences with Charlie so we could keep him constantly in the loop about our plans and intentions with design and development.


Non-Draft Fantasy Football was to be an online season-long fantasy sports platform. We had to keep the design easy yet stunning since we were dealing with traditional players. We presented a few fireframes that gave Charlie confidence in the web application.

User interface design

Now our team quickly moved to the design part of the season-long fantasy sports website.

Front-end development

Our front-end development propelled faster because our team is fully experienced in such platforms dealing with American users.


Our developers had user stories and our old research to refer to whenever they felt stuck. Our project manager ensured that the team interacted actively with Charlie.


We quickly did the beta testing because Charlie was satisfied with our work. The site was launched soon after.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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