Draft Fight

Draft Fight worships cricket in the way Indian fans do
Daily fantasy cricket software for Indian fans by Vinfotech

The Journey of Draft Fight

Nothing parallels the phenomenal fan following of cricket in India. One such cricket fan and entrepreneur Arabinda Behura saw scope in the field of fantasy cricket solutions. He conceived an addictive fantasy cricket platform that would take the fan engagement for cricket leagues to a whole new level. Since IPL 2017 was round the corner, Behura wished to tap into the fan frenzy and bring initial users on to the platform quickly.

Draft Fight founder’s big question:

How can I build a fun fantasy cricket platform that would continue to engage fans?

Team Vinfotech, leveraging from its seven-year-long experience in creating fantasy sports platforms, quickly understood what the client was looking for. Since we had our fantasy sports framework vFantasy already in place, we quickly executed the project incorporating various features for drafting and playing fantasy cricket.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • I am confident this fantasy cricket platform would click with Indian demographic. However, I am concerned how it would continue to attract fans.

  • We have a strong framework in readiness that would enable us to create sticky features so the fans keep coming and multiplying.

  • I need to launch this fantasy cricket platform before Indian Premier League 2017.

  • We will definitely deliver the beta version by that time so you can launch it as soon as possible.

User Stories

I want to be able to draft a phenomenal cricket team that has players of my choice.

I want to be able to substitute players easily while playing.

I want to play with my friends, know my rankings easily and compete with players worldwide.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating an addictive application that would easily echo with Indian cricket fans. We paid due attention in selecting the set of schemes required for developing such an application.


Market research

By the time the project was finalized and went on floor, we had created a strong data base of facts about fan preferences and trends in the market.

Engaging with users

We roped in our team members who were regular viewers of IPL and were willing to share their preferences with us. This further helped us select the features that we were to incorporate in the platform.

Business assessment document

Our sole purpose for creating an assessment document was to measure the timelines and project execution steps realistically.

Creative workshop with client

We held an in-depth workshop with our project team and Mr Behura for a deeper understanding of his goals and his expectations. We were thrilled to see his enthusiasm in introducing a purely Indian fantasy cricket platform.


Draft Fight was to be built around IPL 2017 so we quickly created wireframes for the client to have a clear idea of how the app would turn out to be. He soon gave us go-ahead after being completely satisfied by our wireframes.

UI design

Our UI and UX was a good balance of aesthetics and fun elements so the app looked stunning and smooth to use.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating fantasy sports applications helped us to accelerate the development after which our team conducted a quality analysis for user experience.


We kept a few user volunteers constantly in the loop in order to shape the application the way it was originally intended. We quickly corrected anomalies and proceeded to complete the development.


As promised our beta version was launched within the set timeframe so the client was ready to launch it after testing.

Daily fantasy sports software for cricket league IPL by Vinfotech

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