Daily fantasy sports platform upholding the passion of Indian sports fans

Vision becomes reality - but it’s far from the end of the line. Cricjam is developed with scale and future in mind, with a cycle of iterative improvement continuing long after launch.

 A daily fantasy platform developed with advance features to uphold the passion of Indian sports fanatics by Vinfotech

Cricjam is a premium Indian sports fantasy platform developed with a tailored approach from its conception to its completion

The platform is fully equipped with ready-made feature modules, comprehensive layout, and entrancing dashboard to view insightful analytics and user activity. It's exciting fan engagement features like player cards, field view, and line-up creation ensures best in class fan experience. Cricjam has been featured on the official YouTube channel of India fantasy and is also recognized by IFSG.

10k+ active users

“What I admire the most from Vinfotech team is no matter what you face and no matter how pressured you are, I still find everyone is smiling and enjoying what they do. I would like to thank all hidden soldiers for all the great effort throughout the project.”

Afzal Ahmed, IT Manager Pro League Committee

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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