Parimutuel betting platform dedicated to the fans of NCAAF college sports

A sports betting app that brings the thrill of live college sports and game predictions into the palm of your hand and lets you win cash.

Ultimate social experience for people who love college sports and like to talk about how much they know.

Brag house is a parimutuel betting app dedicated to the fans of NCAAF. Its simple layout enables players to test how much they know about college sports. Players use purchased game coins “Brag Bucks” to create and enter their own contests related to different college sports statistics, which they can share publicly or privately. Winners of these competitions then can exchange their game coins for cash.

“I appointed Vinfotech to design and develop the web platform for me and I would say it was a wise decision. They have done a wonderful job and I would surely recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”

Miguel Quintana, Founder at Mindfulnets

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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