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Canada gets a niche fantasy sports platform for homeground
Season Long Fantasy Web Design in Canada

The Journey of All Prodraft

All Prodraft is possibly the first fantasy sports platform that offers a combination of standard, keeper & dynasty season-long NFL-focused fantasy sports in Canada. Jake Almonidovar, an entrepreneur from Vancouver Canada noted that there were millions of players in Canada playing fantasy games on American websites. He also realized that there weren’t any season-long NFL-focused fantasy websites catering to Canadian demographic specifically. He envisioned a platform that would deliver a balanced offering of free public and private leagues in addition to cost-effective private commissioner leagues which would be customized through a powerful league manager product.

All Prodraft Founders' big question:

How can I continually elevate seasonal fantasy sports in Canada while rewarding users?

Our project managers usually love challenges such as this since they get to play with features of various kinds of season-long games. So Jake’s question further inspired them to create an application that would involve the three variants of season-long games: standard, keeper and dynasty. Team Vinfotech specially worked on flexibility features that would allow users to create and customize leagues as per their imagination and preferences during drafting.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Canadian demographic needs to have its own NFL-based fantasy sports platform but it would face competition from various American fantasy game platforms.

  • Our concepts would have features designed specially to draw and steer engagement.

  • I want to have a set of some stand-out factors on the platform that would distinguish it from others.

  • We would allow users to customize scoring formats, rules and roster settings on Customer Comissioner Leagues along with the usual head-to-head or Roto scoring settings.

  • This is a season-long NFL league website, we need our app to simple yet engaging for both beginner level users and experts.

  • Our designs coupled with smart set of game schemes would naturally resonate with all kinds of users. Right from creation of leagues to play-offs, we would ensure that user finds exciting elements to keep playing.

User Stories

I want to excel in playing fantasy sports leagues on a platform where competition grows gradually.

I want to take on other users with deep knowledge of NFL, so I want options that would enable this kind of competition.

I want to be able customize even the scoring parameters along with rosters while drafting.

What did we do?

Team Vinfotech aimed at creating a rewarding, exciting and relevant fantasy sports platform for Canadian users. Leveraging from our six-year-long industry experience, we carefully selected the set of schemes required for developing a season-long application that would continue to excite users.


Market research

We researched the Canadian demographic acquiring data about the industry and the most popular fantasy sports websites among this set of people. Our planning phase involved gathering client’s ideas, thoughts and motivations ensuring that our blueprint was aimed at solving problem in hand and represented the client’s vision completely.

Engaging with users

Our user demographic profiles spanned across Canada. We carried out a small online and offline survey about the preferences of users in terms of public and private leagues, customizable commissioner leagues etc. This helped us foresee the brand we were building.

Business assessment document

In consolidating our findings and accommodating the vision of the application, we also detailed on revenue-generation aspects of the application.

Creative workshop with the client

We started with understanding the Jake’s goals in the project and his specific expectations. We were inspired by how passionate he was about elevating the season-long fantasy games in Canada.


All Prodraft was to be first such season-long NFL platform in Canada, so we focused into creating wireframes that would easily give the client a quick visualization of the app. Our wireframes gave Jake the confidence that the web application would be a one-of-a-kind yet no less competitive than its counterparts in the US.

UI design

We worked on two vital aspects when it came to design thinking. One, our UI had to look competitive yet easy to use in order to balance amateur, regular and expert players. Two, the platform had to evoke an old brand’s trust right from the first sight.

Front-end development

Our experience in creating fantasy sports applications helped us to accelerate the process at this stage. We did quality analysis for user experience along with working on various aspects of the season-long fantasy website. We also provided consultation on fantasy sports platforms.


Our developers were given the feedback of some seasoned fantasy sports players along with a constant feedback from the client as the former engaged into the development of All Prodraft. We had to create a revenue mechanism along with an engaging drafting and season-long system.


We didn’t take much time in testing the beta version so the client could launch the platform sooner. We launched the beta first and the final immediately after taking some more feedback from potential users.
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