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"Vinfotech is always willing to work with us so that our website can continue to improve even after a project is complete."

Evan Britton
Co-Founder Famous Birthdays

"As many of you requested, I'm now on Famous Birthdays."

Michael Malarkey
(British American Actor)

The journey of Famous Birthdays was a webportal redesigned at Vinfotech. Mr Evan Britton from Los Angeles, USA had the pulse of American teenagers – teens wanted to be like their favourite celebrities. While the concept had caught up quickly, the web application still needed to be more attractive and sticky.

Evan Britton asked Vinfotech

How can we revamp our web app and create mobile apps that would go viral?

Mr Britton asked us this question since he trusted Vinfotech for the redesigning. He was delighted  by our work so he wanted the same team to develop its mobile application. We were excited to work with the same dexterity and speed and got the iPhone application ready within six weeks. We also gave him confidence that Android application will equally echo with the American teenagers demographic. And sure enough, it did.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Our app doesn’t respond to users and works mechanically.

  • We would build on our research about mobile application preferences among teens. We would then create web and mobile user personas and information architecture.

  • It doesn’t look very good on mobile devices.

  • Our responsive web design would be seamless to use while a native mobile application would only encourage users to stick to the app.

User Stories

I want to know the birthdays of celebrities and whether I share my birthday with my favourite celebrity.

I want to have an application that would tell me all about my favourite celebrity.

I want to learn about the personal life and background of celebrities.

I want an app that lists celebrities from all walks of life from Hollywood, Pop music, to royal families, sports etc.

How did we do it?

We first approached the redesigning of web application followed by the mobile app and kept our eyes on the design and responsiveness. By the time we finally got to implement our information architecture, our team knew teenage psychology like the back of their hand.


Market research

Our market research focused on web app and mobile-first users, the attention span of teens, color preferences and UX they are used to.

Engaging with users

Since teens worldwide were especially keen on knowing how to become famous quickly through channels such as YouTube, we engaged in chatting with several of them. Our team interacted with regular YouTubers, popular cover singers, online skill trainers and the likes. This helped us get a subjective understanding of end-users that became crucial for the responsive web strategy.

Business assessment document

Our BA document now looked clear with segregated strategies for redesigning and responsive designing. We followed a similar procedure at the time of mobile application development.

Creative workshop

We conducted one creative workshop with our important team members and the team of Mr Britton. It was during this workshop that we pointed out the importance of building a mobile app since we knew what teenagers worldwide wanted. Thus, in one workshop we finalized crucial aspects of both the web as well as mobile app development strategies.


We presented Mr Britton with 5 wireframes at the time of web app development and about 8 during mobile app development. Both times, he was impressed by our speed and design and chose what he thought was the best option.

UI design

Our redesign and responsive web strategy focused a lot on aesthetics and the ease of using. Our mobile app design, however, was a more aggressive design strategy since it had be crispier and more compact.

Front-end development

While thinking of the client side development and prototyping, we were conscious that we had to be better than the existing web design and had to be the best in the segment. We showed similar aggression during mobile app front-end development as well.


While the mobile app design is always more complex than the web app design, we gave equal emphasis on both in terms of accommodating features that suited each of the platforms the best.


We had quickly launched the beta version of web app before the final version. We launched the final mobile app on iPhone within six weeks of planning.

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