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MYEMAR - EMR Software Design and Development Company by Vinfotech

This is an official sign off on project MyEMAR. This has been a very fruitful and wonderful project from beginning to the end. Working with you over the past year has been great. You went from knowing little about MAR and its inner workings to being a specialist. I hope we can continue bringing great projects to life.

Gabriel Nwoko

The journey of MyEMAR

Mr Gabriel Nwoko from Texas, USA owned a Pharmacy company, had a genuine concern for patients’ lives and no qualms about collaborating with hospitals. In 2012, he began his search for a development partner who would not only share his vision but also truly empathize with patients. Team Vinfotech and Mr Nwoko thus built a legitimately productive platform that helped organize medical administration process to a substantial level.

Mr. Nwoko asked Vinfotech

How can we completely eliminate the paper-process for efficient & flawless healthcare solutions?

Even back in 2012, Team Vinfotech had considerable number of EMR development projects, the ever-new demands of the market needed more research. We learnt about MAR and its working especially in context with the US. We were convinced that we had to create an exceptional online platform for seamless medical provisions.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the US. We want a partner who would address this problem directly.

  • We have an in-house team that’s thorough in its research about the US EMR solutions and can empathize deeply with the problem.

  • We don’t want to just put the whole paper work online, we want a solution.

  • We would build a customized EMR software that would have automation, notifications and several other features to function as per context.

  • We are dealing with sensitive patient data, what if it gets leaked?

  • We have worked with several medicine professionals and pharma companies who have always been satisfied with our secured HIPAA and HL7 compliant platforms.

User Stories

As a user, I don’t want to worry about my medication refills, dose and time. I want a platform that would do this automatically and coordinate with my doctor.

As a user, I want to be hundred percent sure that all my patients are administered with the correct dosage of medicine at the right time and in the right way.

As a user, I want to ensure that the patient in my care is properly medicated as per the doctor’s prescription and that there’s no single miss in the administration of the medicine.

As a user, I want an online platform for the support staff for the administration of my prescribed medicines to all my patients.

As a user in charge of patients, I want to get all their medicines on one platform so that administration and stress are gone and I am able to care for them more personally and accurately.

As a user, I want to know the entire medication history/record of my users (patients) to be able to refill whenever they need it.

What did we do?

Like many of our healthcare projects, this was a wide user demographics in that there were quite a few stakeholders namely Group Homes, Personal Care homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Private Homes, Mental health facilities along with care staff, admin staff, doctors, patients and relatives and pharmacists. We had to smoothly combine two workable models: a medication administration record solution and automated medication refilling process solution.


Market Research

We combined our market research results with those provided by Mr. Nwoko that helped us understand the various scenarios and users better.

Engaging with users

We onboarded a number of American and Canadian volunteers – nurses, tech-savvy physicians, laymen, support staff members, patients and their families, patient care staff members, hospital admin decision makers, pharmacists and so on. Their day-to-day problems that led to errors in medication helped us foresee our EMR application effectively. We created best and worst case scenarios, user personas etc based on our findings.

Business assessment document

Our BA document explained the various users’ needs, the solution, suggested revenue models, subscription models, Saas-based custom EMR solution details etc.

Creative development workshop

While our team proactively interacted with the client and his team, we organized a creative development workshop for both. During the workshop, we did role plays, made user profiles based on our demographic study, consolidated needs and segregated urgent needs and administration needs. This became our foundation for building an extremely sensitive EMR application that was to make a huge difference in eliminating medical errors.


We made as many as eight wireframes this time so that Mr. Nwoko would be able to see our vision clearly and we could understand his priorities. His experience in the pharmacy sector brought us amazing insights while our healthcare domain experience helped shortlist the best wireframe applicable.

UI design

Nobody knew this particular fact better than our developers – complexity is the biggest cause of errors. MyEMAR had to be as simple as to appeal the least tech-savvy layman and had to be efficient enough for a busy patient care facility.

Front-end development

Since we had given much thought at the wireframing stage already, it didn’t take long before our prototype was reviewed and approved by Mr. Nwoko.


As is normally the case, our developers involved end-users again that too from five stakeholder demographic to ensure they were moving in the right direction. All the inputs were considered before finalizing which ones were most fruitful to the custom EMR application we were building.


We tested the beta version once again before launching the final version and kept the client and a few end-users in the loop.

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