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The journey of Dreams

Founder Alexander Gomez is a network engineer based out of USA. He was always curious about what the dreams of a human being may mean. He sought answers online and soon felt the need for a trustworthy platform where people would share the dreams they usually see and connect with like-minded peers and get answers.

Founder Alexander Gomez’s question:

How will an online platform bring in users interested in sharing and analysis of dreams?

Team Vinfotech knew that the answer to this question was rooted in transparency. The platform had to balance credibility without affecting anybody’s privacy. We then channelized our resources towards finding out what kind of users search for analysis of their dreams, how comfortable they are about sharing and talking with peers on this topic. We soon found that we could now create a social networking platform with features to balance privacy and public discussions.

Client's challenges & our solutions

  • There’s a plethora of social network apps out there. I want this application to look simple yet different.

  • Dreams would look and feel distinct through the right combination of UI and UX.

  • Users should not feel like their privacy is intruded or that their information could be misused

  • We would give an extremely friendly feel to the social network application so people would be attracted without fear of intrusion.

  • I want an extremely intuitive app that would truly evolve with the users’ preferences.

  • We will develop a complete web application that would keep the users coming back to it

User Stories

I have a recurring dream that I badly want to analyze but I don’t want to see any dream interpreter in person. Is it possible online?

I want a platform to share my own and read other people’s dreams so I can discuss them.

I want to be able to post my dreams regularly on an online platform.

I want to interact with online experts about my dreams.

What did we do?

Vinfotech helped plan, design and develop a social network application where various kinds of users could post about their dreams and discuss and analyze them.


Market research

Conducted a deep study of various existing social media apps focussing on niche subjects.

Engaging with users

We then studied chunks of demographics using these social media apps for various purposes, the features that were more or less popular and the gaps. That helped us visualise the web app we were building.

Business assessment document

We then consolidated the finding of entire market research and user engagement into a high-impact document.

Creative development workshop

We then conducted a creative workshop with the client creating user profiles, personas and scenarios, which drastically propelled clarity of work and instilled confidence in both the teams.


We follow design-thinking methodology to wireframing. After an intense creative development workshop we presented quick 7-8 wireframes to Alexander. He had the freedom to mix- match-add-delete-combine so we could finalize a wireframe that would work best for the app.

User interface design

We consulted Alexander constantly as our designers got busy with interface design to accommodate all that was important to conclude on one perfect design.

Front-end development

We prepared a working prototype without database to give the feel of a working model, to check on the application flow.


We developed an entire web application with easy sharing facilities to come to what it is today.


After testing the product first internally, we launched the beta version for users to test. Incorporated users’ feedback and launched the final version.

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