Social commerce

We bring the power of social to your e-commerce platform in ways so as to tap your buyers at all the major touch points. We bring a unique freshness to your usual e-commerce ways by touching your buyers before, during and after the purchases.


In the world of fast saturating e-commerce ideas, you wish to stand out and get an exceptional brand recall value through social e-commerce. You don’t want anything less than domain experts for boosting sales, engagement and user interaction on your social mobile commerce. But you can’t expect such results from rookies, you are looking for social commerce platform experts!


A team empowered with the knowledge of both social network e-commerce solutions and social network development, which can integrate a customized and wholesome social e-commerce platform for you. We are proven experts in understanding the tactics of social mobile commerce, social e-commerce along with a deep understanding of buyer psychology.

Social Commerce
e-commerce company
  • social engagement platform for your e-commerce website/app
Conventional businesses
  • existing offline business to hit the digital platforms

Advantage Vinfotech

  • The social e-commerce experts
  • User experience that fit your taste
  • Custom online marketplace unlike any other
  • Highly optimizable
One of its kind
Get ready in Weeks, not months
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech is the social network e-commerce integration and development company that thought leaders from around the world reach out to when they need to make a web social commerce and mobile social commerce platform. You may be

An e-commerce company

You will get a social engagement platform for your ripe e-commerce website/app, to boost engagement and product discoveries.

Conventional businesses

You want your existing offline business to hit the digital platforms with a bang. You will get a complete social e-commerce solution to get you started at the right chord.

Product discovery insights

Customers would be inspired by ideas of various products, their applications, their feedback and ratings to induce purchase.

Continuous customer engagement

Get your customers totally addicted to your platform with product discussions around various categories, fashion and lifestyle articles, chats and a lot more.

User interaction

This social e-commerce integration platform can also act as a support community where customers can voice their complaints and problems about the product and empathize about products, services and usage.

Market research made easy

We would provide you with such analytical tools on the backend that would help you get both demographic and psychographic details about your target market.

What can you expect?

Category-wise product discussions
Your users would get a variety of product sub-categories on which they can share their opinions, feedback and help each other make better purchase decisions.
Social Commerce Software –Product Discussions by Vinfotech
Create collections

Users can create their own personalized collection of products that they like and exhibit it to other users. In the collection, they can tag the products, where they would also have purchase icons.

Social Commerce Software –Product Collections by Vinfotech
Product related articles

There would be supporting articles to entice better purchase decisions and make the user more informed about the products and related trends.

 Social Commerce Software –Product Articles by Vinfotech
Top influencers

Popular designers or sellers would rise as top influencers in the community and can resolve user queries, be their guides and suggest better product choices.

Social Commerce Software –Top Influencers by Vinfotech
Follow product categories and tags

Inside the community, users would be able to follow product categories of their choice and specific hashtags.

Social Commerce Software –Product Categories by Vinfotech

From the backend, you may want to send out newsletters on a monthly or weekly basis to your database about latest products or offers on them.

Social Commerce Software –Newsletters by Vinfotech
Advanced analytics

Our social network e-commerce team excels in buyer insights thanks to the advance analytics tools that we use. You will be able to predict a buyer’s purchase decisions.

Social Commerce Software –Advanced Analytics by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for social commerce integration in your e-commerce platform?

The social e-commerce experts

Our team is a bunch of e-commerce freaks who love trying out anything and everything online. For a living, we use these purchase insights for developing winning social network e-commerce apps. We know what sells.


User experience that fit your taste

Being a design thinking company, user empathy is at the core of our social commerce strategy. We can get inside the buying psyche of any kind of users.


Custom online marketplace unlike any other

Our goal is to make you exceptional in the e-commerce race. That’s precisely why we don’t make simple e-commerce platforms anymore. The social e-commerce blend will keep you ahead of the curve.


Highly optimizable

We build all of our social e-commerce platforms and solutions on world’s best social network framework called vSocial. It helps you scale up smoothly and optimize faster.

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