Pintrip - What's on your #Bucketlist?

Vinfotech is proud to announce the launch of it's unique travel platform- Pintrip, that is hyper personalized, data-driven, intuitive enough to improve with each use and throws smart travel recommendations.

Pintrip is a bunch of travel geeks continuously redefining how people plan their travel holidays. Pintrip is India’s best travel guide to discover holiday ideas for your next trip. Pintrip is a one-stop solution for all kinds of travellers created by the travellers themselves. Whether you know where to take your next vacation or just want your daily dose of travel inspiration, just Pintrip it.

At Pintrip, you can get all the information about the city on the city guide, explore nearby places & top attractions and check out some stunning photos to help you decide your vacation better.

For a more visual experience, use the interactive tourist map of India as a canvas and discover new places in traveled as well as untravelled regions. Holiday ideas can be explored on Pintrip based on region, state, city or an extensive set of filters according to your preferences (wildlife, popular cities, adventure, etc.) or by simply typing in the search box. The search box makes it very convenient as you get exactly what you are looking for.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in India by Vinfotech

Pintrip factors in user preferences and can be further customized to the user satisfaction. Users can create personalized travel plan considering trip options with best places, itinerary search, picking and choosing their ideal itinerary.  Each time you use Pintrip, the experience is enhanced.

The most exciting feature is creating a personalized bucket list, checking visited places & taking the exciting travel quiz. Worried your favorite city, tourist attraction or travel experience might slip out of your mind? Just add it to your Bucket List and Pintrip remembers it for you.

# How does it work?

Pintrip gives access to travel ideas even without signing up. However, the real action lies when you sign up. Pintrip works by asking basic inputs such as timeline, area of interest (adventure, wildlife, nature etc.) and destinations of your choice. Pintrip also has geo-location based discovery of details which further improves traveler’s in-destination experience.

Pintrip is an independent tool that provides only the most relevant information, curates visual itineraries for you and recommends you the right kind of places as per your interest.

# Collaborations

Pintrip is an easy to use tool loved by bloggers, hotels and travel agents. Some of them are using our interface to take the traveler experience to next level. Contact us to know more.

  • On Pintrip you can discover destinations by your interests, region, city, state, etc
  • Create personalized itineraries and find top attractions on the way customized only for you
  • Add all the places & experiences to your bucket list before they slip out of your mind
  • Personalized user experience and visually appealing user interface
  • Keep updating your bucket List every week and get a chance to win a free trip to your favorite destination!

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