Telehealth Solutions

Secure, convenient and collaborative virtual consultation providing remote care to patients through our telehealth software solutions.


Patients and healthcare providers find it hard to coordinate through one-on-one consultations due to various reasons, leading to unnecessary hospitalization. This results in dissatisfaction for all the stakeholders, affects speed of recovery and leads to much avoidable readmissions.


Your medical practice connects with patients living in remote areas or who are housebound through virtual telehealth services. A complete telehealth software solution involving connected devices, data encryption and telemedicine applications designed to be ancillary service to doctors.

Telehealth Solutions
Medical practice
Primary care clinic

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Mobile-ready strategy
  • Real-time virtual interaction
  • Insurance verification
  • EMR integration
Patient Engagement
HIPAA Compliant
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech is a healthcare software development provider that physicians & medical practices from around the world reach out to, when they look out to build great telehealth web and mobile applications for better patient care. You may be a


For best care, patients prefer video consultations over phone, email or any other form of communication. As physicians, you can focus on caregiving telehealth software systems.

Medical practice

A medical practice can keep its patients happy and loyal only when it can offer convenient telehealth solutions. As a company, we offer telehealth services to your patients by building HIPAA-compliant platform that promote online counseling.

Primary care clinic

Primary care centers lose a lot of time and money in patient follow-ups. Communication modes like phone calls, text messaging aren’t effective as they are not reimbursable. With features like appointment scheduling and rescheduling, both patients and physicians can take better charge of their time with our telehealth software solutions.

Patient satisfaction

As the demand for video visits continues to grow, patient can avoid long travel times and all the hassle of waiting rooms in a medical practice.

Boost revenues

You can partner with multiple health plan providers and we can build all kinds of customized telehealth software solutions providing commercial reimbursements. This will help you maximize revenues.

Vinfotech telehealth software

Simplified workflow

Your dashboard is simple to navigate, specially designed with ‘providers’ workflow in mind. One click can bring patients to your fingertips.

Telehealth Software Solutions - Workflow by Vinfotech
Medical charting streamlined, simplified

Fill-in assessment, live chat, body map and more at one simple touch. Patients enter their own data and your visit notes are stored in their record, which can be easily exported to your core EMR software.

Telehealth Software Solutions - Medical Charting by Vinfotech
On-demand virtual visits

Organize and track your appointments at one convenient place.

Telehealth Software Solutions – Virtual Visits by Vinfotech
Interactive, practice based, 2-way HD video

Whether you’re in front of a computer or a smartphone, our cutting-edge technology allows you to see everything in crisp detail and fill them instantly.

Telehealth Software Solutions - Video Conferencing by Vinfotech
Avoid costly no-shows

Missed appointments can cost your practice thousands in lost revenue. Telehealth software solutions by Vinfotech reduce missed appointments by up to 80%.

Telehealth Software Solutions – Reduce Missed Appointments by Vinfotech
Simple billing, secure

Billing was never thought to be so easy and precise. Pay for the treatment in a secure manner by choosing either way you want.

Telehealth Software Solutions – Secure Billing by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for telehealth solutions?

Mobile-ready strategy

We provide custom telehealth software applications with great tools & functionalities that allow patients to stay out of waiting rooms and provide ongoing care.


Speed of execution

Our ready telehealth software platform allows us to custom build solutions in weeks as against months.


Insurance verification

With our telehealth software solutions, patient’s insurance information and therefore the eligibility can be verified. This allows minimizing complications related to claims and ensures timely payments to practices.
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