Custom Healthcare Software Solutions

Design-led integrated custom healthcare software development for governments, care providers, medical ISVs and software product companies.

Whether you want to build a custom AI chatbot on top of your telehealth app to act as a smart symptom tracker, or improve overall care experience of your hospital by connecting your staff, physicians and patients over a gamified online community integrated with fitness wearables and medical devices, turn to Vinfotech.

You wouldn’t find a company as complete as ours for all your custom healthcare software solutions need: Consultancy, design, engineering, integration, user engagement, complete support, and maintenance.

Custom Development
Why Vinfotech?
Coordinated Care
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Hipaa Compliant Solutions for Conneted Health Ecosystem by Vinfotech

Custom Healthcare Software

Custom Development
Why Vinfotech?
Coordinated Care
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Hipaa Compliant Solutions for Conneted Health Ecosystem by Vinfotech

Custom Healthcare Software

Research/ Education
Event/ Association
Software Product
  • Practice Management
  • End-to-end Hospital Management
  • Patient Management Portal Development
  • Clinical Process Management
  • Custom Medical Billing services
  • Integrated TeleHealth, Lab Interfaces, eRx
  • Video Diagnostic Consultation
  • Remote Doctor Services
  • Retail Telehealth
  • Tele Imaging
  • Tele psychiatry
  • Any Web, Mobile App
  • Product Reengineering, Modernization
  • Mobile Integration, Cloud Enablement
  • User Experience Services
  • Maintenance, Support
  • Beautiful Interfaces
  • Custom development on top of ready base frameworks --> High Quality, Faster Delivery, Better Pricing
  • HIPAA, HL7 Compliant
  • Mobile Ready
  • Superior Support & Project Management
  • Chatbot
  • Blockchain
  • Medical Devices
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Insurance
  • Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • Complex CCM
  • Comprehensive Primary Care
  • Transitional Care Management
  • Patient Portals
  • Advanced Alternative Payment Model
  • Custom and fully integrated with EHR
  • EPCS (e-prescription of controlled substances)
  • CDS (Clinical Decision Support Systems)
  • Medication Management System

Vinfotech helps you create the beautiful custom healthcare software solutions, cut costs, ensure higher quality, get stunning user experience and best in class technology integrations. You may need

AI chatbots

We build custom AI chatbots like symptom tracker, booking an appointment, medicine reminder to name a few. They can be integrated directly or through social chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Skype or Slack.

Patient communities

We help care providers allow patients to connect with each other and with experts to ask questions and discuss over variety of topics to achieve iconic patient engagement.

Employee communities

We help hospitals, clinics and individual health practitioners connect their employees over an engaging enterprise social network to improve overall care experience.


We help care providers increase their reach, convenience and revenues through secure virtual consultations providing remote care to patients.


We build EMR software that provide seamless conversion of medical data to exceed the demands of performance, security and scalability.


We build e-prescription software that improve accuracy, enhance patient safety and quality from the point of care and medication.

Coordinated care

We build secure coordinated care solutions that unite care team members with patients to improve care delivery processes.

Custom web/mobile apps

We offer end-to-end healthcare product development services including architecture design, user experience, engineering, support & maintenance. We can integrate your software with chatbots, medical devices, fitness wearables, insurance and enhanced clinical workflows.

Beautiful, intuitive and engaging

Vinfotech champions Design-Thinking. We engineer healthcare software solutions with end-user in mind. This helps unlock the interplay of human psychology, user experience and engagement, helping us turn our solutions more beautiful, intuitive and engaging.

From blockchain to AI chatbots

We keep toying with AI, chatbots, blockchain and even AR, to make our healthcare software solutions more relevant for end users. We can integrate your healthcare software with most medical devices, wearables, insurance, enhanced clinical workflows and improve health record keeping with blockchain. 

Exceptional Project Management for Healthcare Ecosystem by Vinfotech

Exceptional project management

  • Responsive Communication
  • Milestone Dashboard
  • Dedicated customer relationship manager
  • Latest project management tools
Interactive Patient Engagement for Healthcare Ecosystem by Vinfotech

Future of patient engagement

When care providers allow patients to connect with each other and with healthcare experts to ask questions and discuss over variety of topics, they experience 18% increase in new patient revenue & 25% increase in patient return revenue.


"It looked really easy to use. My 88-year-old grandmother has an iPhone and I can see her using this application."

Nicole Verkindt
Founder of OMX (Investor)

This is an official sign off on project MyEMAR. This has been a very fruitful and wonderful project from beginning to the end. Working with you over the past year has been great. You went from knowing little about MAR and its inner workings to being a specialist. I hope we can continue bringing great projects to life.

Gabriel Nwoko

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