Healthcare Communities

World's most beautiful online community solutions to engage wide range of healthcare audience. Get not just community but expertise to make sure people use it and find it engaging.


Attracting new patients

Engaging existing patients

Improving staff collaboration to improve patient care experience

Doctors want to discuss patient cases and help each other

Staying connected to donors before and after they give


Put turbo in your SEO to attract new patients with your patient community

Allow patients to connect with health peers, ask questions and share their experiences to engage them with your online patient community

Provide superior patient care and increase revenues with your employee community/ intranet

Doctors can collaborate with patients, clinical staff and other doctors to discuss patient cases in HIPAA compliant online community

Take charge of donor relationship while ensuring high performance fundraising with your online donor community

Hospitals and clinics
  • \ Patient community

    \ Employee community

    \ Doctor + Patient community

    \ Donor community

Healthcare startups
  • \ Product support community

    \ User community

  • \ Public health community

    \ Cause community

    \ Victim support community

    \ First responder community

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Ready framework --> faster delivery
  • Fully customizable
  • Mobile ready
  • Deep Learning Social Algorithm
  • You don't need staff to manage it
  • World's most beautiful community platform
HIPAA compliant
Guaranteed user growth + engagement

Vinfotech is the healthcare community company that biggest healthcare brands and governments from around the world reach out to when they need to bring together patients, doctors, employees, volunteers or donors, or all of them together in a social model.

Hospitals & clinics

Create communities to connect your patients, physicians, staff, volunteers or donors to achieve critical business results through superior engagement

Healthcare startups

Create product or user community around your powerful business idea to create exceptional product marketing and support


We can help fuel local and central government initiatives to bring together millions of people to fight a disease, create a support group, voice in favor/ against an issue to create an impact that reaches hearts and minds of citizens

Attract new patients and engage existing patients

Improve clinical staff collaboration

Stay connected to donors before and after they give

Reach hearts of citizens to fuel government initiatives

What can you expect?

Address queries of potential patients
Address Queries of Potential Patients – Healthcare Communities by Vinfotech
Create knowledge base of exciting and helpful content
Create Knowledge Base – Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Strengthen patient support
Strengthen Patient Support – Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Showcase your expert council to build trust required for great discussions
Patient Recovery and Research Stories – Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Facilitate discussions around your hospital, doctors, patients and treatment
Facilitate Discussions - Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Organize and promote events
Organize and Promote Events - Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Conduct polls and surveys for data collection
Conduct Polls - Healthcare communities by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for healthcare communities?

User engagement and growth guaranteed

We understand what it takes to connect people in fun, engaging and gamified online communities, where they feel like coming again and again. We ensure initial set of real engaged users, to put your community on fast track growth


Get started in 4 weeks, with a community just for your business

With vSocial™, our community software, that allows us to build custom communities better and faster.


With us, you don't need staff to manage

With certified community specialists in the team who know how to grow a community from inception to millions of users, you wouldn't find a company as complete as ours for all your community needs: Consultancy, design, engineering and full community management support.


Mobile ready

Deliver a useful, relevant, and smooth online community experience for every member that adapts to virtually any screen size or mobile device.


Superior analytics

With Deep Learning Social Algorithm, our communities capture insights of each user from what they are looking, clicking, questions they are asking, responses they are reading and more. It’s like gathering data without asking any question.

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