e-prescription improves accuracy, enhance patient safety and quality from the point of care and medication.


Manual errors can risk the life of a patient. Cases can be worse if there is a gap between provider and pharmacist and the handwritings are misinterpreted. What can be the channel to bring all the elements on the same page and avoid maximum errors and make the workflow flawless?


eRx (e-prescription) software establishes an important connection between physicians, other prescribers, pharmacists, and it can support interoperability across the community of care providers.

Hospital and care providers
Healthcare consultant

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Mobile ready strategy
  • Simplicity and beauty
  • Speed of execution
Patient retention
HIPAA Compliant
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech is the healthcare software solutions company that pharmacists and medical practices from around the world reach out to when they need customized eRx (e-prescription) software solutions that help prescribe or refill in real time, real fast. You may be a


To avoid any ambiguity and to treat your patients in most accurate manner, we can provide you with customized eRx (e-prescription) solutions to enhance the safety and quality of the prescribing process. You can quickly convert a prescription into a digitized file and then send it across pharmacy.

Hospital and care provider

We can help you build an eRx website or application where you can stretch the limit of accuracy and fetch previous records.


Pharmacists can give best services only when there is no confusion in delivering the correct prescription in coordination with physicians and patients.

Healthcare consultant

Patient-oriented websites with the ability to store, share and securely view the assessment records.

Improved patient safety

Pharmacists no longer have to unravel handwritten prescriptions, minimizing potential for errors.

Increased efficiency

Minimize the amount of time pharmacy technicians spend entering information manually or interpreting handwriting. Eliminate pharmacist-to-physician follow up calls.


"It looked really easy to use. My 88-year-old grandmother has an iPhone and I can see her using this application."

Nicole Verkindt
Founder of OMX (Investor)

Vinfotech eRx software

Medical demographics

Watch out the demographics and access your feed in the required widget. Patient process can be analyzed resulting into connected care.

Custom eRx Software Solutions Medical Demographic by Vinfotech
Track orders, online payments

Track order status and collect patient payments easily, even after they’ve left your clinic.

Custom eRx Software Solutions Track Orders Online Payment by Vinfotech
Web dashboard

- Refer the current e-prescription and the patient status
- Insurance and personal details
- Physician info for reference
- Past assessment records are easily filed and presented without any manual efforts

Custom eRx Software Solutions Dashboard by Vinfotech
Medicine details

Boosting patient’s health understanding and compliance with their medical condition outside physician’s clinic.

Custom eRx Software Solutions Medication Details by Vinfotech
Accepted, confirmed orders

Be aware of the medication procedure executing out of your clinic.

Custom eRx Software Solutions Confirm Orders by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for eRx?

HIPAA compliance

Leave the security issues to us, we know you’ve got enough to worry about. We assure to keep all your data to be safe and 100% HIPAA compliant.


Mobile-ready strategy

Our customized eRx software solutions come in handy with entire suite of iOS, Android app and web.


Speed of execution

Our ready eRx framework platform allows us to make custom e-prescription solutions in weeks as against months.


Simplicity and beauty

Features on your fingertips. We understand the requirement of the workflow so the user experience is designed beautiful and intuitive with almost zero learning curve.

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