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Our next-gen customized EMR software solutions provide you with seamless conversion of your medical data. Exceed the demands of performance, security and scalability.


Efficiency of healthcare system reduces when the time consumption is more in filling records and using traditional methods of monetization. When there is a need of rechecking the medical records, hardly any data is fetched affecting the speed of recovery.


Systematized gathering of patient and population electronically-stored health data in a digital format proves to be the best habit. Customized EMR software solutions result in storing data precisely and monitor the state of a patient across time, appropriate for your healthcare set-up.

Hospital and care providers

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Mobile ready strategy
  • Insurance verification
  • Speed of execution
  • Custom made for you
Patient monetization
HIPAA Compliant
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech designs and develops custom EMR and patient engagement software solutions to manage your medical process accessible from anywhere. You may be a


Avail the method of keeping your assessment records safe and streamlined, reduce patient readmissions.

Clinic and care provider

We can help you build custom EMR software solutions where you can get connected with all the employees of the clinic and stay on the same page.

Medical practice

Our EMR applications help your patients with medical education, access to medical records & better discharge planning.

Healthcare startups

Create a custom EMR application around your powerful business idea to create exceptional workflow healthcare workflow.

Patient Retention

Online EMR portals provide access to discharge summaries, lab results & appointment scheduling that encourage patient loyalty.

Boost Productivity

Treatment decisions can be made quickly and safely with EMR software, reducing the required time consumption.


This is an official sign off on project MyEMAR. This has been a very fruitful and wonderful project from beginning to the end. Working with you over the past year has been great. You went from knowing little about MAR and its inner workings to being a specialist. I hope we can continue bringing great projects to life.

Gabriel Nwoko

Vinfotech EMR software

Assessment and visit notes

Patient management made easy with the feature of listing history of the clients and capturing minute details.

Customized EMR Software Solutions – Assessment and Visit Notes by Vinfotech
User management

Whether you’re in front of a computer or a smartphone, our cutting-edge technology allows you to see everything in crisp detail and fill them instantly.

Customized EMR Software Solutions – User Management by Vinfotech
Document management

Strong management tool at tips, simple to navigate, specially designed with ‘providers’ workflow in mind. Basic features contain all the information which can be referred whenever required for reference.

Customized EMR Software Solutions – Document Management by Vinfotech
Clinic scheduling

Organize and track your appointments at one convenient place. Check-out your day!

Customized EMR Software Solutions – Clinic Scheduling by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for EMR?

HIPAA and HL7 compliant

We provide you with breaching data security and make sure all your data is safe and 100% HIPAA compliant. You have got nothing to worry about.


Traditional workflow with better and interactive UI

Vinfotech provides you with simple execution cycles and beautiful UI, process made smooth.


Ready to go solution

Our custom EMR software solutions prove to be the best in terms of handy and usable, designed for you.

Telemedicine and EMR integration: A smart way to healthcare

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