Provider of custom HIPAA compliant telehealth solutions

Empowering medical organizations and platforms to boost revenues and patient satisfaction by establishing secure, convenient and collaborative telehealth services.

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We build custom telehealth solutions that fulfill your unique business needs

Our design-led solutions incorporate the required functionally and technology to deliver care and convenience to your patients.

Provide care with increased convenience

Leverage secure and easy to use technology to provide real-time virtual consultations and be available for your patients anytime and anywhere.

Boost revenues by maximizing resources

Overcome geographical restrictions to provide quality healthcare in underserved areas with minimal investment in new infrastructure.

Improve quality of care and patient satisfaction

Enable your patients to skip long waiting lines and conveniently access essential care services at their moment of need.

Grow with operational and cost efficiency

Screen patients virtually and conduct follow ups online to get more out of your current resources, while avoiding crowds during peak hours and emergencies.

Reduce complexity by going digital

Digitally transform processes involving complex documentation and paperwork, allowing practitioners to spend more time on providing quality care.

Diversify your service offering

Add capabilities that help remotely monitor and manage patient recovery and rehabilitation from surgerys and other chronic conditions.

Simple and integrated workflows that focus on improving decision making

Vinfotech develops advanced telemedicine solutions that incorporate highly specialized clinical workflows for medical practitioners and organizations from all around the world.

Telehealth solutions for primary care

Telehealth solutions for primary care

Telehealth solutions for dermatology

Telehealth solutions for dermatology

Telemedicine for physiotherapy

Telemedicine for physiotherapy

Telemedicine for behavioral health

Telemedicine for behaviour health

Chronic disease monitoring solutions

Chronic disease monitoring solutions

How can we help?

Reaping the benefits of the latest technologies, we offer various exciting features that allow your services to be more readily available to your patients, in a seamless and frictionless manner.

Setup telehealth solutions to boost revenues and patient satisfaction

Add secure video conferencing capabilities that help you provide quality care to your patients with increased convenience - anytime, anywhere.

Increase operational efficiency by adding tailor made assessment forms that help document patient ailments and progress while generating ePrescriptions with ease.

Secure Video

Easy Payment


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Telehealth solutions to boost revenues and patient satisfaction

Establish virtual Clinics to expand access to your practice

Maximize your existing setup by taking your practice online. Manage your schedule, appointments and patients on the go, in a simple, secure and cost effective manner.

Digitize physical processes, such as patient registration and intake forms, in a patient-centric manner to reduce stress and anxiety traditionally associated with healthcare systems and build long lasting relationships.


Telehealth Payment

Patient Medical
Charting & Reporting

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Create contactless user journeys to improve patient engagement

Enable patients to effortlessly navigate through your system by creating interactive and intuitive user journeys.

Digitize physical processes, such as patient registration and intake forms, in a patient-centric manner to reduce stress and anxiety traditionally associated with healthcare systems and build long lasting relationships.

and Onboarding

Digital Patient
Intake forms


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Contactless user journeys to improve patient engagement

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce administrative overheads

Automate repetitive tasks to reduce administrative overheads

Deliver better care to your patients by implementing rule based messaging systems that send timely reminders and deliver important post discharge care instructions.

Unburden your clinicians providing patient education and health coaching services by setting up digital libraries that help them auto-generate treatment plans.


Care instructions

Patient Education
& Health Coaching

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Digitally transform your specialized practice with a custom healthcare solution

Make your practice future proof by adopting cloud technologies or by developing healthcare web and mobile apps.

Embrace digital transformation and m-health, without disrupting your current systems and specialized clinical workflows, by developing a tailor made-software solution for your practice.

Compliant Solutions

Integrate highly
specialized workflows


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Custom healthcare solutions for digital transformation

Our telemedicine workflows integrate with some of the most secure and widely used communication tools for digital healthcare

Transform patient communication exeperiences with Vonage

Build intuitive workflows around

Add video and audio calling capabilities from Frozen Mountain

Fully Equipped to meet your Custom Healthcare Software Development needs

Our team is obsessed with creating engaing digital health solutions that boost patient satisfaction and health outcomes, while improving practice effdiciency and access to care. We take pride in our ability of using the most accessible technologies available to solve highly specialized problems, while meeting all the necessary compliance and security requirements.

HIPAA, GDPR Compliance

We know what it means to develop HIPAA and GDPR Compliant software solutions. Our solutions have been certified by independent experts.

Data Encryption

As a standard practice, vital patient health information being transmitted through the system is encrypted at the application layer using Advenced Encryption Standard (AES 256)

Comprehensive Testing

We rigourously test our solutions to meet stringent performance and usability benchmarks - all while ensuring proper data security, privacy and confidentiality.

Cross Platform Development

By selecting robust underlying technologies we ensure your solution supports multiple computing platforms from day one.

Role based Access and Multi-factor authentication

Our comprehensive understanding of role based access mechanisms and authentication methods ensure that critical information is accessible only to the authorized users.

Our Work

Virtual Physical Therapists

Innovative Contactless Care Workflows that digitally transforms the way physiotherapists consult patients

Virtual Physical Therapists is a telehealth solution with contactless care workflows that enables a nation-wide network of specialists to diagnose muscle and joint ailments and provide treatments.

  • Simple and Secure Telehealth workflows
  • Certified HIPAA Compliant Solution
  • Cross Platform Support

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simple, HIPAA compliant telehealth workflows


A smart mobile app becomes the Uber of medical e-prescriptions in Canada

POPRX is a simple application for managing prescription delivery and refills. It is a customized eRx app for willing pharmacists ready to deliver medicines at people’s doorsteps.

  • Automated workflows for managing prescriptions
  • Rule-based messaging for scheduling re-fills
  • Certified HIPAA Compliant Solution

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HIPAA compliant solution with workflow automation and rule based messaging for online pharmacies


How ClinicYou became the coolest patient collaboration platform?

ClinicYou is a collaborative patient engagement platform that enables patients to take control of their electronic medical records. Patients can log into an intuitive web portal at anytime and invite any clinician to have access to their medical records.

  • Electronic Medical Records Management
  • Simple workflows for easy appointment scheduling
  • Cross-platform support

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simplified system for managing electronic medical records


How a great product strategy led to an efficient clinical social network?

Medlinx is an evolution over boxy EMR systems and focuses on unchaining care teams from the burden of documentation and vague communication channels to achieve better patient care.

  • Secure and authorised sharing of patient information
  • Automated Patient Messaging
  • HL7 integrations with EMRs

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Automated communication tools for secure and authorised sharing of patient information

Why Vinfotech?

Digitally transform and streamline your business in the most visually appealing and user friendly manner

Our team thrives on delivering visual brilliance with each and every project we work on. We understand that complex problems don’t need complicated solutions and focus on designing solutions that ensure easy adaptability and onboarding.

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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