Custom EMR software development

Are you struggling with a clunky EMR with poor usability, unorganized data & lack of detailed reporting?

It’s time to develop a next-gen, user-friendly, tailor-made, time & cost saving, interoperable EMR software to provide exceptional care to your patients, increase practice efficiency and revenues & efficient resource management.

According to RAND/AMA Physician Satisfaction Study, here are certain reasons behind physician’s dissatisfaction with their current EMR systems:

UI doesn’t match
clinical workflow
Beyond data entry, physicians and their colleagues described some EMR user interfaces their clinical workflow.
data entry
Most physicians who interacted with EHRs directly described cumbersome, time-consuming data entry.
Insufficient health
information exchange
Physicians in multiple specialties and a range of practice settings described frustration when health information was not exchanged between EHRs.
Some EMR solutions feature automatic email alerts to physicians. the unceasing volume of messages reaching them has expanded beyond the number that they believe they can handle.

Developing feature enriched EMR software

Vinfotech is adept in developing custom Electronic Medical Record software for care providers, practitioners, clinics & hospitals. We can implement all the features you need to run your medical practice efficiently with, enabling secure Health Information Exchange between different components of a health ecosystem (doctors, patients, nurses, pharmacy, labs) to establish interoperability and provide value-based care and increase patient satisfaction.

  • Doctor

  • Nurse

  • Patient

  • Patient onboarding and charting

  • Assessments and visit notes

  • E-prescribing and lab integration

  • Plan of care and critical disease

  • Transcribing – speech to text

  • Telemedicine Transcribing

  • Event based reminders and alerts

  • Secure messaging

  • Patient portal

  • Billing and claims management

  • ICD-10 compliant

  • E/M coding

  • HIPAA compliant

  • Appointment and schedule

  • Customizable workflows

  • AI driver symptom tracking

  • Responsive design

  • Hosted on cloud /on premise

  • Medical IoT/wearable integration

  • Case Manager

  • Pharmacy

  • Diagnostic Lab

There are many reasons why practices are running after custom EMR software. We understand their challenges & provide them intuitive interfaces with features for tracking patient histories, demographics & vitals, lab test results, treatment plans, nursing instructions, physician notes & billing information. Here are certain advantages of choosing a custom EMR for your practice:

Efficient interoperability

Custom EMR enables you to connect with other third-party software seamlessly.

Cost saving

It helps you save costs spent on IT staff & allows you to pay only for the features you want.

Time saving

Organized data and custom workflow helps shorten the response time.

Patient engagement

Helps you educate and alert the patients and caregivers by providing real time information.

Physicians usually spend more time on EMR than interacting with patients. A key contributor to this complexity is a time-consuming electronic patient record infrastructure that is taking an enormous toll on the well-being of physicians and the vitality of medical practice management.

Comparison – EMR Software Services - MyEMAR by Vinfotech


Manage and Administer your clinic, hospital and patients effectively.

Comparison – EMR Software Service – Clinic You by Vinfotech

Clinic You

Manage providers, tasks, medications, services provided to patients


  • 01

    15+ years of industry experience

    Vinfotech has 15+ years of experience in custom software development for healthcare industry. Our team puts unflinching efforts to develop & deliver the best medical practice management software.
  • 02

    Adherence to industry compliances (HIPAA/GDPR/HL7)

    We adhere to strict healthcare industry compliances like HIPAA/GDPR/HL7 to ensure data privacy & secure Health Information Exchange between all the components of the ecosystem.
  • 03

    Intuitive UI/UX

    We develop EMR software keeping physicians & their challenges in mind. We keep interacting with our clients to gather their experience, feedback & keep a track of their behavior to build a user-friendly EMR platform.
  • 04

    Agile methodology

    Vinfotech follows agile methodology with exceptional essence of design thinking. With transparency at the forefront, we provide with live project dashboard to monitor the progress.
  • 05

    Support and maintenance

    Vinfotech offers you hyper care support & maintenance for your software. You can choose from various packages to ensure that application’s performance is continuously on upward swing.

Idea to launch

Vinfotech ensures to provide you with flawless development journey. We work with your ideas and bring your app to life in weeks.

  • 01

    Idea Nurturing

    Tell us your big idea. We will listen.

  • 02

    Requirement Analysis

    Our team assesses your requirement thoroughly.

  • 03

    Scale up strategy

    We assist our customers with improvements in their products.

  • 04

    Wireframe & Design

    We follow design thinking. Our wireframes are built as per user feedback.

  • 05

    Development & Deployment

    We provide speedy development and smooth deployment

    User Engagement

    We assist our customers with user engagement strategies

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