Coordinated Care Solutions

We custom build HIPAA-compliant coordinated care solutions that unite care team members with patients to improve care delivery processes.


Outdated communication systems like pagers, calls, emails and texts cost hospitals multi-billion dollars every year in the US alone. Hundreds of thousands of deaths per year from medical errors are due to communication breakdown between care team & patients in the hospitals & medical centers.


A cloud-first approach is required to improve collaboration in healthcare and facilitate secure HIPAA-compliant communication between physicians, nurses and other team members. All stakeholders must work together in real time to improve patient care. This will support team-based healthcare delivery objectives and allow communication across multiple devices.

Coordinated Care
Hospital and/or medical center
  • Build collaboration for better care coordination & efficiency

Medical practice
  • Enhance doctor-patient relationship & reduce physician’s workload

  • Send clinical messages to peers in protected HIPAA-compliant environment

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Custom made for you
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Simplicity & beauty
  • Speed of execution
Improved patient care
HIPAA Compliant
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech is the healthcare software solutions company that medical practices from around the world reach out to when they need customized coordinated care software solutions that help deliver patient-centered care. You may be a

Hospital and/or medical center

We can help you build an efficient collaboration platform for better coordinated care.

Medical practice

Enhance doctor-patient relationships & reduce physician workload.


Send clinical messages to peers in protected HIPAA-compliant environment.

Improved patient care

The custom coordinated care solution provides quick and easy notifications, where care teams can share and collaborate on patient care. Clinicians can get the info in their phones in seconds and have instant access to health data.

Save monetary losses

Hospitals are liable for high penalties for using insecure communication like email or text messaging. Then there are losses due to inefficient and delayed communication. Our HIPAA-compliant coordinated care solutions ensure that you save tremendous amount of money by improving speed and security of communication.


"It looked really easy to use. My 88-year-old grandmother has an iPhone and I can see her using this application."

Nicole Verkindt
Founder of OMX (Investor)

Vinfotech coordinated care software

Cloud platform

Single platform on the cloud that unites physicians, care-teams, patients and administrative staff in a single consolidated space.

Benefit: Connect independent departments, facilities and organizations within a hospital network.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Cloud Platform by Vinfotech
Patient feeds

Patient feeds like clinical notes, tagged comments, photos, and videos on physician’s mobile phones.

Benefit: Allow physicians to receive patient updates wherever they are working. This enables them to take faster decisions.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Patient Feeds by Vinfotech
Clinical notifications

Notifications on patient’s medical summary, medications taken and tests performed.

Benefit: Physicians can never miss a critical patient-care message, thereby encouraging better coordinated care with the team.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Notifications by Vinfotech
Care team management

Physicians can create and manage coordinated care teams dynamically. They can trigger communication with care team and execute schedule changes in real-time.

Benefits: Enables immediate response from role-based care team members and improve the efficiency of coordinated care.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Care Team Management by Vinfotech
Discharge plans

Physicians can create discharge plans for the patients to monitor them remotely after they have left the hospital. They can assign and track tasks given to the care team and other hospital staff.

Benefits: Patients can also avoid unnecessary travel to hospital locations, this decreases patient readmissions.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Discharge Plans by Vinfotech
Group chat

HIPAA-compliant one-to-one chats and group chats with care team members.

Benefits: Secured communication eliminates calls from coordinating clinicians & enhanced clinical workflows.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Chats by Vinfotech
Interoperability with hospital systems

Get lab results, patient list, medical records directly from third-party systems like EMR, HER, PHR, HIS etc.

Benefits: Allow hospitals & care facilities to share the patient’s records in real time securely and privately.

Custom Coordinated Care Software Solutions – Interoperability by Vinfotech
Why Vinfotech for coordinated care solutions?

Custom made for you

Custom coordinated care solutions for you using an underlying powerful framework. The software would be designed for you to compliment your work style.


Integration and interoperability

We work with multiple EMRs and 3rd party systems to capture patient-data and other information.


Simplicity & beauty

Our award winning designers take pride in designing apps that are beautiful and intuitive with almost zero learning curve.


Speed of execution

Speed is one of the core DNA of our organization. Our secure collaboration platform allows us to make custom coordinated care solutions in weeks as against months.

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