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Multiple Contests

The user can choose between multiple public and private contest like Mega contest, Head2Head FaceOff, Winners takes all and practice/free contest to participate. You can also pin featured contest on the top of the lobby.

Multiple Sports

The user here gets an option to choose between multiple sports. (The choice can be made before the login and can be changed even after the user has logged into a different sport.)

Featured Banner

Games that offer special worth to your users and are part of your marketing strategy can be featured with unique banners.

Joining a contest

Payment of contest fee

For participation, the user has to pay the contest fee, which will be deducted from the user account balance and bonus amount which can be restricted by the admin by capping.

Invite friends

Users can invite friends by sharing contest details using unique code, direct link, social shares or by email.

Contest details

User can view all the contest details like max.and min. count of participation allowed, entry fees, count of registered entries, prize distribution, contest entry type prior to joining the contest. (Multi entry contests have an “M” icon in front of the contest). After verification, the user will be able to join the contest and create the team.

Creating line-ups

User must select a team of required players within the allotted salary cap. Every player has a fixed salary. The participant also gets to choose Captain and Vice-Captain as well.

View Participants

User can view the list of participants playing in the contest after confirming the line-up.

Apply promo code

The user can apply promo codes to avail discounts on the contest fee.

My Contest


In the live contest, user can view leaderboards, ranks of participants and can also download their teams.


This tab shows the rank of the user and the score they have achieved after completion of the game.


Upcoming tab consists of the user’s upcoming matches along with edit and new team creation feature.

Refer a friend


User can share contest, invite friends via social sites, email or direct link.

Referral Bonus

User’s beneficiary feature, which enables bonus and real money to be rewarded to the user on referrals.



In-App notification aims to enhance user experience by alerting users with important contest updates in real-time.


Notifications will also be delivered in the form of an email to the user’s registered email address.

Price Type


Guaranteed prize distribution of a contest takes place even if the user count is less than the minimum user count, according to your preferred distribution rule.


Automatic rule for prize distribution which awards the users according to their ranks. Example- Top 1, Top 3, Top 10, Top 20 and 50


You can modify or built a prize distribution rule according to your preference.

My Account


User can deposit amount via credit/debit card, net banking & wallets. User can also use promo code to avail real or bonus cashback on each deposit.

Withdraw Cash

Withdrawal of the user’s deposited amount will only be processed after your approval and transferred to the users’ registered bank account.


User can view summarized information about all your transactions consisting of real and bonus cash.

Manage Profile

Users get to add, edit, delete their personal information, bank details and change their access password.


Users are rewarded with bonuses and cashback on depositing a certain amount in wallet.

Static Pages

We all know the importance of static pages namely About Us, Contact Us, How it works, Rules and Scoring, Terms of Use and Privacy policy. Transparency about your companies core values and history, reliable contact information, rules and regulations about the game, terms of user engagement can help you develop user trust and loyalty.

Admin Panel

User Management

We have introduced user management in the admin panel which is segregated in two sections- Manage Users and Add User.

Admin Dashboard

Our new admin dashboard enables you with a broad spectrum of options and possibilities. It’s stunning, clean and professional with full flexibility and extensibility. Get curated performance insights with statistical graphs on our new dashboard that are generated in real-time, designed to help you achieve your business goals, save time, and get more done. We have also integrated Google Analytics which will help you understand your customer behavior. Now, you can also track the ROI for your online marketing from a single place.

Manage Users

If you want to search users, configure permissions, manage user details, rankings, deposits, document approvals, reports and pretty much anything else, you can do it from the Manage Users panel. The functions supported by the panel are-

  • Search/Filter Users
  • Add user balance
  • Export User List
  • User persona
  • Activate and Deactivate Users
  • Pan Card Approval
  • Edit User details

Add User

Admin can add users from the user management to encourage user participation. This will save the user from the tedious sign-up process and ensure smooth engagement.


Introducing a phenomenal way to increase the deposit amounts and enhance fan engagement- Deals, which allows you to offer cashback and rewards to your users on depositing a certain amount.


Reports help you make use of the data by extracting meaningful insights to understand and improve the performance of different areas of business. Reports are segregated in various categories namely- Users, Referral, Contest, User Money, User deposit, etc.

Manage Finance

The panel helps you plan, organize, control and monitor financial resources of your online business. You can view, track and download all the transactions for future reference. To ensure fair trade, you need to approve or reject all the payout which will be mentioned in the withdrawal list.


Marketing consists of communication dashboard, campaign creation, referral amount and promo code management. You can list, add and edit promo codes and can define the amount of discount applicable as well. You can also update bonus points and referral amount on specific user activities like refer a friend, contest refers, phone and PAN verification, adding funds in the deposits, etc.

Game Center

Game center provides you complete options to manage the game. It enables you to manage teams, leagues, roasters, contests, scoring and season schedule. You can edit/upload team jerseys, flags and other relevant details, activate and deactivate leagues, player, salaries, create and define contests and more.

Content Management

You can add and manage ad banners of your platform promotions and sponsors as per your preference (all ads and sponsors related financial dealings to be held Off-Line).

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