White Label Fantasy Sports Software Updates

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14th July 2021

What’s Improved

The match reports are optimised to help you speed up your analysis. Reports offered by us translate the data into actionable insight to help you make better decisions.

We have made powerful changes in the backend and servers to optimize the cost for your benefit.


29th June 2021

What’s Improved

Our software is updated to accommodate new fantasy scoring updates of the T10 game format.

We have improved the player listing in “Team comparison”. Players will be able to use the data for the analysis easily.

What’s Fixed

The issue with the filters of “Transaction” under the Finance module has been resolved.


26th May 2021

What’s Fixed

The error with total distribution amount occurring while creating guaranteed contests (fixed contest or percentage) from the admin panel is fixed.

The issue with contest timing when delayed by the admin and super admin panel is fixed.

In issue occuring at the frontend in case of manual cancellation of contest by admin or the team is resolved. Now the contest cancelled will immediately reflect on the frontend.

What’s Improved

We have made upgrades in our product to make it compatible with Google Analytics Version 4.


17th May 2021

Scratch and Win

To further gamify the user experience we have introduced “Scratch and Win” functionality for paid contest users. Users can earn coins, bonus cash, or real money by using the functionality.

What’s Improved

The scoring rules have been optimized and operators can manage the entire game scoring, even the scores that need to be frozen, from the admin panel.

The contest sharing and auto-publish functionality of network games contests are improved.

We have launched new, enhanced player cards accessible through the player lists of upcoming, live, and completed matches.

We have increased the player limits. Users can now join contests and submit up to 50 teams.

What’s Fixed

The delayed contest issue due to the ID mismatch error has been fixed.

The issues with the sharable link of the referral contests are fixed.


30th April 2021

What’s Improved

The player cards are improved. The data reflective on the player card is the most accurate, dynamic and comprehensive.

In the communication dashboard, admin will now be able to track the performance of the marketing campaign. The source of every user will be mapped and will be reflective in the communication dashboard.

The create contest section of the network games is updated and improved.

The notification functionality and the tracking is improved.


23rd April 2021

What’s Improved

We have improved the reports of the admin panel. Now you will be able to optimize large data for the analysis.

The issue occurring after referral code update is fixed.

We have improved the user management module. The issue of blank usernames is resolved and blocked users due to OTP failure is rectified.


16th April 2021

Automated withdrawals

With integrated banking API’s you can now perform instant transactions on approving withdrawal requests of your users without any hassle.

What’s Fixed

The banner redirection issue in the mobile app is fixed.


14th April 2021

GST reports & invoicing

In order to follow all the GST requirements, our software provides you a clear idea about your income details, tax liability, or eligibility for a refund, to ensure proper credit flow.

What’s Improved

We have updated the reports. Leaderboard, referral, user data and bots reports of the admin panel have been improved.

The Deal offerings are also revised and now users will get coins as benefits.

The details of the contest users participate in is now linked to the contact number of the user rather than the username. Now the admin can easily track the user, even if the user decides to change their username.


13th April 2021

Automated KYC validation

Simplify compliance without slowing down transactions or damaging customer relationships with automated KYC validation performed with the help of 3rd party integrations.

What’s Fixed

Spin the wheel button issues are fixed.

The multiple team issue in the private contest is fixed.

The issue of blank username in case of Google login is resolved.


7th April 2021

What’s Fixed

We have included the legality page in the admin panel for operators to manage.

We have fixed the multiple notifications issue.

The same ID issue in the private contests is resolved.

In sports hub, missing features are updated and few pertaining issues are fixed.

We have improved the transaction report and have included bonus details in the reports as well.

We have removed email address validation.


1st April 2021

Team submission with single click

Featuring a fast, easy, and effortless way to submit multiple teams with a single click. Now you can submit 10 teams in Mega contests at once with a single click.

What’s Improved

The cron timing is updated in the payment gateway for seamless transactions.

The failure in depositing money is resolved.


26th March 2021

What’s Improved

We have improved the push notification functionality. Now you will be able to send notifications only to users whose device id is available.

You will be able to sort users with their contest detail in ascending order of their ranks.

We have improved the email flow of the login.

In the team selection section, below the name of every player we have included a notification which tells if the respective player has played the last match or not.

What’s Fixed

The deposit cron issue is resolved.


22th March 2021

What’s Fixed

The social login issue in the app is fixed.

The point system is updated as per the updates on various fantasy platforms.

We have fixed the notification issues of reverse fantasy and network games.


19th March 2021

What’s Fixed

The download team functionality for the IOS app is fixed.

The scoring update issue occurring for few users is fixed.

Users will have to “Pull” to refresh the contest list and leaderboard page.

The UI is updated for the User Detail and User Segregation page of the admin panel.

The merchandise content and image has been made editable for the platform admin.

The blank screen issue of the contest detail page is fixed.

The difference in user count of “All Users” in the communication dashboard and “All Users” in user management is rectified.


2nd March 2021

What’s Improved

The withdrawal, games, transaction, users and more reports of the admin panel are improved for effective and effortless analysis.

We have made the admin role management module optional for the operator. If the operator chooses to use the module, the operator has to simply select an option to activate the module.

We have included the User IP address export functionality in the user reports.

We have improved and updated the design of the “My Wallet” screen.

The issue with soccer prediction count is fixed and will update regularly.

Users will receive separate emails for insufficient participation and match cancellation.


22nd February 2021

What’s Improved

We have introduced a new type of fantasy gaming- Reverse fantasy, where users will win when they lose the match.

The communication dashboard is updated. Admin can plan a marketing campaign and target users according to their login platform. App or mobile logins and web login users can be targeted separately.

The toggle button issue for the Soccer Lineup out notification is fixed.

In the Communication Dashboard, now you will be able to see the total sent count of the notifications, email & SMS you send out to your users.

We have changed the functionality of the last back button.Pressing the last back button will result in closing the app.

The issue with the lobby banner is fixed.

The count mismatch in the Kabaddi sport is fixed.

The issue with the referral edit, count of total referrals is fixed.


16th February 2021

What’s Improved

We have included session ID management for proper notification delivery.

We updated the User Details for seamless management.

Admin Dashboard is updated with enhancements for effective business analysis.

Now users can process payments through UPI ids and the following payment history will be reflective in the withdrawal list of the admin panel.

The Google login has been integrated and updated as per the new Google policies.


9th February 2021

What’s Improved

We have included coins in a private contest. Now users can create private contests and offer coins on winning.

We have included device specifications for KYC docs upload.

IOS users can now switch between on/off options for redeeming coins.

What’s Fixed

The display of in-app notifications is fixed.

The issue with Multi-game displays is fixed.


4th February 2021

What’s Improved

Now on admins can add custom images to the push notifications. This feature can be managed through the notification panel.

We have added team comparison, through which once the match goes live, a user will have an option to compare his team with the teams of other users.

You can track the user actions triggered through push notification. In the communication dashboard we have added 2 different columns for Delivered and Viewed count.

From now on, you will be able to see the performance reports of bots in user detail page.

We will included “Lineup Out” tracking in admin panel.

What’s Fixed

We have fixed the issue with predefined templates of the Communication Dashboard.

We have fixed referral pop-up issues.

The issue with player role changing after the match goes live is fixed.


20th January 2021

Network games

A unique landscape to upsurge your revenue and elevate your fan engagement Irrespective of the platform the user is signed on, network games allow users from multiple fantasy sports platforms to come together and participate in Mega contests. Your users won’t see any difference, they will only see larger prize pools with humongous numbers.

What’s Improved

We have revamped the content of the email that is automatically sent when the coins are distributed to the user.

We have optimized the integration of Cashfree gateway to deliver a seamless user experience during payments.

Admin can now view the last login time and date of the user, can use filters to select the data for a particular date range and send out communications in an attempt to retain the users.

Now you can add system users by uploading the .csv files of the database.

We have added the text “Upcoming Matches” just before the fixture listing to highlight the matches that will be preferable to the users.

We have added the button “My Balance” in the my profile section, which will redirect the user to the wallet.

Admins can now change the name of the contest category. For example, Head2Head, Mega Winner can be changes to Head2Head for Panasonic AC.

What’s Fixed

The issue of card details not being saved when the user makes a transaction through PayU is resolved.

Emails will now be delivered to the Distributor. The issue of not receiving emails is fixed.

For the buying coins feature, the In-app purchase design is updated for desktop. Now the user will be redirected to the app store for buying coins.

The issue with cricket point recalculation is fixed.

The issue with users, not being able to join contests with the existing team or new teams, in case of match delays is fixed.


6th January 2021

What’s Improved

We have included the option of selecting- Open Predictor Pool, Multi games & Pick’em, individually in the admin role.

As an effort to improve user communication, we have included the functionality of an email for contest cancellation. We have added a few email templates to ease the process.

We have updated the cron of contest status to reflect correct data.

What’s Fixed

From now on, your users will get the complete view of the push notifications sent on their device. The issue with the display of the content is fixed.

The issue with pinning contests on the top is fixed.

The mismatch of the notification count is fixed.

We have changed the name of the “Practice Contest” and have made corrections in the winning sections.

We have made corrections in the alert of minimum withdrawal.

The UI issue with the visibility of the “Download Teams” button on certain devices is fixed.

The issues with manual contest cancellation are fixed.

The issue with coins distribution on receiving feedback from the user is fixed.


24th December 2020

Virtual currency based DFS platform

In this update, we have integrated the functionality through which you can offer your user a virtual currency based fantasy platform. Users can play fantasy with virtual currency- coins only. They do not need to spend real-money on the platform.

What’s Improved

We have optimized the code of the Sports Hub page to deliver the best-in-class user experience to our end customers.

What’s Fixed

The issue with manual users in the User listing is fixed.

The issue with the script captcha for android app is fixed.

We have fixed the latency issues pertaining after the earlier update.

The issue with the team details not displaying is fixed.


12th December 2020

What’s Improved

We have made frontend changes in the About us and Contact us page to improve the display of these pages

What’s Fixed

The issue of blank in-app notifications is fixed.

We have removed the “Not-playing” information appearing on the “Create Team” page to eliminate confusion.

The issue with the “Select Sports” filter is fixed.


9th December 2020

What’s Fixed

The credit issue occurred in case of contest cancellation and during prize distribution is fixed.

The issue with the incorrect name display in case of contest cancellations is fixed.

“Join Game” email issues are also fixed.


4th December 2020

Banned States

Adhering to the gaming laws restricting skill-based games in some states, the feature will block users of these states from adding cash or participating in real-money contests.

What’s Improved

From this update, the operator will be able to manage rescheduled matches and the contests related to it.


1st December 2020

Support for SEO & GA

With support to SEO capabilities and web analytics service platforms like Google Firebase, Google analytics, and Singular analytics, you will be able to organically grow your presence over the internet and uncover valuable data about our audience to develop the tactics and action plan for marketing.

Buy Coins

Users can buy these coins from the app stores and play stores. Users also earn these coins on winning, by daily signing-in, and by referring a friend.

Participate with Coins

Users can now play and join contests with coins. These coins can also be redeemed by the user in exchange for real cash, bonus cash, gift coupons, and merchandise.

What’s Improved

We have improved the performance of our new feature Spin The Wheel.

Operators will now control the backstage. You can now customize most of the UI features from the admin panel like- the icon of the sports hub, name of the games, background images, banner images and display text of all sections of the frontend.

The user report and contest reports are improved. You can now view total joined users, paid users, free users (Practice Contest) on the DFS match page in the admin panel.

Admins can also control the user access- can block and unblock users.

We have also automated SMS reminder process and server billing process.

What’s Fixed

The incorrect contest count in the user funnel section of the user segregation of the admin panel has been fixed.

The issue with the data representation of the “Avg. session time” is resolved.

We have made significant changes in the contest report, earn coins and app notifications to improve the functionality.


15th November 2020

Distributor Module

We’ve introduced an unique way of offline promotions. Operators can set up a distribution channel by assigning distributors and agents. These stakeholders will have the option to transfer their balance in users’ wallets. By doing this they will be entitled to earn profits with every recharge, henceforth promoting the platform offline.

Affiliate Module

Operators can now offer users the opportunity of becoming an affiliate of the platform. An affiliate will promote the platform and on-board users. In return he will get commission on sign-ups and contest joining. Their commission and transaction history will be managed from the admin panel.


One platform, for all geographies. We are proud to say that our white-label software is truly international. It has great abilities to manage any currencies and can operate in different time zones.

What’s Fixed

The TDS deduction issue in the finance, has been fixed.

Prize distribution lag has been fixed.

We have improved the delivery process of push up notifications. Users will not receive blank notifications even in case of huge databases.

We have fixed the issue of negative user balance.

From now on, blocked users will be logged out immediately.

The user benefit lag faced during transactions has been fixed.

The issue with the template, promo code and team of the autorecurrent contest is fixed.

The mismatch counts issue in the list and notifications have been fixed.


6th June 2020

Spin the wheel

Spin the wheel is an amazing user engagement feature which gives users a solid reason to come and play daily. They can spin a wheel to win a prize. Each section of the wheel has a different prize that users can win.

What’s Fixed

PayU SDK is up to date.

The issue with the download option of the website has been fixed. Now the user can download the latest version of your fantasy sports app from the desktop.

The issue with the “Download iOS App” in the contest’s email has been verified and fixed.


6th June 2020

What’s Fixed

The display issue with the 1024 × 768 resolution devices is fixed. Image won’t crop out anymore.

The persisting issue with prediction contests not changing from live to completed on closing is fixed.

The issue with users not receiving promotional emails is fixed.

Users will be able to view the teams submitted by their opponents for several minutes after the deadline, and will be able to generate pdf documents after 7-8 minutes.

The issue of overwrite scores has been fixed.

The count mismatch issue at the time of contest completion is fixed.


6th June 2020

Role hierarchy

Operators can assign roles to their team members. Each team member will then have their own log-in credentials and will have limited access to specific modules of the panel depending on their roles and responsibilities.

What’s Fixed

Issues with contest filters are fixed.

We have included the option to reset /forgot password for distributor and agent login. Agents and distributors can login again without being dependent on admin’s approval.

The white screen appearing while requesting withdrawal is fixed.

Date filter has been added in the referral list for the user as well as the admin.

The ID mismatch issue occurred due to auto cancellation of cricket and football match is fixed.


6th June 2020

What’s Fixed

On choosing PayU as the payment method, the actual first and last name of the user will be fetched from now on.

If the user shares the contest with their friend, the friend will receive the following notification- “Your friend "XYZ '' has challenged you for the contest. Join now and win big by beating them.”

The text changes in the bonus and reward section have been made.

The operator will now receive the complete list of transactions on the transactions page.


6th June 2020

What’s Fixed

The login and logout issue, occuring while redirection is fixed.

Promo Code issue is fixed. One promocode will be allowed every user.

Daily checking issues are fixed in this release.

The issues while selecting Captain and Vice- Captain of the team is fixed.


6th June 2020

What’s Fixed

Current and maximum winnings are changed.

The options of current and Max4 have been removed from H2H contests and contests where the min and max are the same.

The option to delete and upload the Pan or Bank card, is added at the customer side so that the customer can easily change in case of expiry or incorrect upload.

After the lineup is announced, the excluded players will be marked with red dots in the field view also, to improve player selection.

Users will now be able to make simultaneous withdrawal requests.


6th June 2020

What’s Fixed

Minor UI fixes are completed through the entire module.

The issue occurring while selecting Captain and Vice-captain is fixed.

The issue of incorrect scoring is resolved.

Version 2.8.0

12th June 2020


A super easy game type where users must pick the winning team or player – that’s it. For some games like soccer or hockey, we can have a variant of this game where the users can predict the scores as well. The points are scored based on the winning team, score difference, or the actual score of the match. This is extremely engaging and fun to play. It’s an accessible, simple way to attract a new audience, especially fantasy novices. We have also introduced pool based Pick’em mode, which works on a virtual currency- coins, in which users can bet and the winners are awarded the entire pool amount.

Version 2.7.1

6th June 2020

What’s Improved

We have added the toggle bar/filter to represent the players that are only in the lineup to make it easier for the user while creating teams.

The banner of the lobby section is made responsive which automatically slides from right to left every 5 seconds.

The issue with the coin redemption feature has been resolved.

We have added two more languages- Bengali & Punjabi, in the language directory of our multilingual software.

Version 2.7.0

19th May 2020


A free to play game type where you can create only one contest per fixture. The whole idea is to promote and highlight a brand that is running these contests. This type of game offers tremendous visibility to a brand as the users come before every game to create their lineups. The rewards can be given every week, every month, or at the end of the league as per the discretion of the admin.

Mini League

We have introduced Mini Leagues in the Free 2 Play game module. Admin can create mini-leagues to distribute prizes for the entire league, contests, or the combination of both. Admin can also create Mini League with prizes or without prizes and can keep the prize distribution the same as of a new contest template.

New Contest template

We have introduced a new contest template for contest creation along with Prize Type: Real Cash, Bonus Cash, Coins, and Merchandise.


In the case of one or more users getting the same top score, admin can activate Tiebreaker which will help in selecting the winner. The tiebreaker feature has to be activated by the admin at the time of contest creation, which awards the user with earlier team submission as the winner.

Sponsor Section

We have added a new separate module in the admin panel called “Sponsor section”, which enables the user to add & manage the sponsor related information.

What’s Fixed

The issue with publishing the fixture from the super-admin panel is fixed.

The update player list will now be displayed on reviewing the player salary on clicking the "Review Salary" button of the fixture section.

The double distribution of daily coins on logging in from different devices, on the same day is fixed.

The issue of incorrect amount display arising on the rejection of withdrawal request is now fixed.

Version 2.6.0

7th April 2020

Open Predictor

For those times when there are no sports (and beyond that, too), Open Predictor is a simple game where you predict the outcome of a future event. Simple questions are asked to the user across multiple categories. The questions must be answered before the deadline. Each question can have up to 4 possible responses. The admin can also enter the source (or the URL) from where the final decision would be taken for the correct answer. Open Predictor also features betting pools that work on virtual currency, where the user can bet on the correct answer to win. Prediction questions can be created in any category, which will help you cater to the wide audience.

Version 2.5.0

20th March 2020


Multi-game is a hybrid and the Fastrack version of DFS, where the user can join multiple fixtures of a common league, at one time by creating a single team consisting of players of the competing teams.

Player Publish

We have reformed the player publishing method of our gaming software by introducing verification at the initial level. From now on, the list of the active players coming from the data feeds will be first verified by super admin. The verification process verifies the data & filter outs, inactive players. This feature elevates the overall user experience as it simplifies the lineup creation and saves time.

Version 2.4.5

19th March 2020

What’s Improved

We have changed & improved communication dashboard notifications.

Now, you will be able to view the TDS deduction in the transaction history, along with the contest name.

We have improved the content of notification & email received in the admin panel on withdrawal.

We have improved the leaderboard slide field view & refresh button of the leaderboard.

Version 2.4.4

17th March 2020

What’s Improved
Prediction module

The issue with the win out money on contest joining is now fixed.

We have made content changes in the prediction module & minor fixed minor UI issues.

Version 2.4.3

13th March 2020

What’s Fixed

The time lag for displaying the lineup out of playing & not playing players performed manually are now fixed.

The banner size in the lobby is changed to 1300 x 240 px. for better display.

The closure date issue about NBA/NFL matches is now fixed.

Version 2.4.2

11th March 2020

What’s Improved

The option to play Prediction game is now added with the display banner on the DFS Lobby for easy access.

We have reduced the minimum bet amount to 10 Coins, which will now be managed by the ENV file.

We have also changed the URL of prediction game to an independent URL from regular DFS.

Sports Hub tab is introduced on the Lobby for easy access to the various game types.

What’s Fixed

The issue arising while playing the prediction pool due to the incorrect calculation of coins in the “Your Bet” section is now fixed.

We have created separate URL of Prediction & DFS.

We have removed "Create A contest" and "Have a league code?" section from our product.

The issue related to pagination in the Participant list and Leaderboard is fixed.

Version 2.4.1

4th March 2020

What’s Fixed

The polling error with Node.js API in the Prediction model is fixed.

The issue with the Load More button on loading more data of the participant list in the prediction module is fixed.

The cache of Match delay contest Redis is now removed.

Version 2.4.0

28th February 2020

Prediction module

An undemanding gaming format for all that helps users win easy money. Users simply have to pay a fixed amount to join the contest & predict the outcome of the match to win coins. The joining amount is pooled and shared amongst those who have made the correct predictions. Prediction game type can be accessed on Sports Hub. Prediction module is linked with the coins module. If the coin module is turned on, then the prediction module is activated. Prediction can be activated and deactivated from the admin panel.

Version 2.3.0

24th February 2020

What’s Improved

Functionality to notify the users about the match delay is added in client admin and the super admin modules. Priority will be given to the client admin.

Custom message functionality has been added to super admin and client admin modules. Here, the client admin will have the priority.

In case of incorrect scores, the super admin can add the following alert message for the users which will be reflected on the leaderboard- “Scores may be incorrect. We are verifying it. Updates will be published soon”.

Now, clients can cancel fixtures and contests from the platform’s admin panel.

What’s Fixed

The issue with the progress bar displayed at the contest screen is now fixed. The progress bar increases as per the count of entries in the contest.

The issue with the withdrawal rejection amount not being reflected again in the winning balance is fixed.

The winning amount and bonus amount on joining the contest are now correctly being reflected in the transaction history of the wallet.

The system will not give the notification to the user "Feedback Approval Pending" when the coin module is off from the admin.

When the coin module is enabled the issue arising while joining the contest via a shared link is fixed.

The count of Team A and Team B while creating the fixture has been corrected.

The UI flickering issue with the screen while scrolling the player area in android and IOS browser is fixed.

Now the admin can view the Football & Basketball scores in the admin.

Issue while switching the language from Hindi and Gujarati is now fixed.

The UI issue with the contest share popup and overlapping of the tick mark symbol is now fixed.

The percentage & capping in promo code is now working.

The issue with the “Add Cash” button in case of less funds is fixed.

Version 2.2.0

31st January 2020

Referral Module

A completely managed by the admin panel, referral module is introduced to encourage brand loyalty and user engagement. Users are rewarded with coins or bonus cash on referring the platform to a friend, on successful sign up of their friend and on depositing money on the platform. To further gamify the user experience we have introduced small milestones for referrals and rewards can be given to users with coins or bonus cash on completion.

Currently, there are three achievement badges to referee, they are-: 5th referral signup, 10th referral signup, and 15th referral signup.

The referee gets bonus or coins on the following activity by referral-

Referral Signup by Phone number

Referral Email Verification

Referral Pan card verification

Referral Deposit

The module is also exciting for the users who have not signed up with the referral code. They are also eligible for real/bonus/coins on performing the following activity:

Signup by Phone number

Email Verification

Pan card verification

Bank Detail verification

What’s Fixed

The UI issue with the popup on share is fixed.

The issue with the lineup and team name is also fixed.

The issue with Pan card submission is now fixed.

Version 2.1.0

17th January 2020

Coins Module

In this release, we have introduced gamification experience to enhance user engagement and brand loyalty. Users can earn now coins on sign-in daily, giving feedbacks and referring a friend. These coins can be redeemed by the user in exchange for real cash, bonus cash, and gift coupons. This feature will be completely defined and managed by the admin.

Version 2.0.6

3rd January 2020

What’s Fixed

He link to download mobile app can be shared via SMS.

We have added the “Add Gang War” and “Contest for Champion” game type in our sports framework.

The issue with "Download All Team" in pdf format is now fixed.

The issue while creating a team in Basketball is fixed.

Now user can also signup/login in the Hindi language.

The UI issue with 5 character team abbreviation is now fixed.

The issue arising while changing sport in admin panel is now fixed.

The incorrect reminder of "Documents approval pending" in the manage user’s dashboard is now fixed.

The issue arising with the soccer sport filters is now fixed.

The changes in user balance while adding and deducing the amount are now reflected in the admin user balance.

The admin panel issue arising while entering the benefit cap in combination of zero(0) in creating promo code is now fixed. We have also added the delete promo code functionality for the admin.

The UI issues in the Game stats section of manage user, player cards in the game log and language selection screen is now fixed.

The issue with site rake reset to 10 while selecting "Auto" section from "Prize distribution" is now fixed.

Player cards of Football are now visible.

The issue with notification count is fixed.

Version 2.0.5

20th December 2019

What’s Improved

The deadline for every match is now fixed to 0 minutes between the start time of the match.

Admin section now expires within 30 minutes of inactivity.

What’s Fixed

The value of prizes won in the winning tab of contest details and lobby are no more appearing in roundoff format.

The issues while creating a contest template with prize selection of Top 1, Top 3, Top 10, Top 20, Top 30%, Top50% is fixed.

Users can now add content in WhatsApp and Facebook sharing while using the feature “Share the contest” and “Refer a friend”.

The issues occurring while changing the amount of discount in promo code creation is fixed.

Version 2.0.4

19th December 2019

Captain based Fantasy game

We have introduced a new feature- Captain based Fantasy in the sport Cricket and Soccer. This eliminates the option to select the vice-captain while creating lineup

What’s Improved

We have added Whatsapp and Facebook share options in contest sharing and refer a friend.

What’s Fixed

In the winning tab, the winning amount will now be the round-off value, if the value is in decimals.

Version 2.0.3

17th December 2019

What’s Improved

Admin can now keep site rake in decimals while creating contest template.

In the admin panel, timestamps will now be available in local format.

What’s Fixed

● The contest will now disappear after the completion of the contest.

● The issues with the format of T20 and ODI is resolved.

● The issues arising during the team logo and team jersey updation is now fixed.

● "No Change" error message in the game center is resolved.

● The implementation of lineup functionality is completed.

● The email issues with date, time, team name and logo of the winning amount are now fixed.

Version 2.0.2

5th December 2019

Add user from Admin Panel

Admin can now add users from the admin panel to encourage user participation.

Bonus Capping in Contest

An inbuilt feature has now been introduced which restricts users from using the entire bonus amount for participation. Bonus capping is now configurable and set as default to 100 points.

What’s Fixed

Description of the transaction history now reflects the complete amount deduction involving “Real+Winning+Bonus” cash.

The issue of different transaction id in admin panel and frontend is now fixed.

The existing error while clicking on fixture banner is resolved.

"No Change" error message in the game center is resolved.

UI issues with contest list and contest detail tabs are now fixed.

The issue with custom date selection option in withdrawal request is now fixed.

The issues with the feature copy team in my team tab is now fixed.

In the manage scoring section, the issue with the filter drop-down option is now resolved.

The issues with the KYC verification are resolved.

The changes made in the content of the static page- Contact Us in the contest management, will now reflect in the front end.

Version 2.0.1

15th November 2019

What’s Improved

Username is now hyperlinked and will redirect the user to their profile on clicking.

What’s Fixed

Admin dashboard UI issues are now fixed.

Issues with the KYC module are fixed.

The issues with the admin’s transaction list is fixed.

Winning amount gets updated while the admin accesses the contest list.

Redirection issues while sharing the contest is now fixed.

Admin panel’s salary update toggle is fixed.

Deep linking is enabled which means when the user clicks on any link of the app, the app gets installed on the user’s phone.

Issues with exporting to .csv functionality is fixed.

Email verification is fixed to ensure email authentication.

Version 2.0.0

23rd October 2019

Admin dashboard advanced with Google analytics

Our admin dashboard is now equipped with google analytics, which will help you understand your customer behavior. Now, you can also track the ROI for your online marketing from a single place.

Custom messaging and filters in communication module

Now you can buy credits for emails, SMS, and notifications and also customize your own messages and inhibit personalization while communicating with your users. You can also use in-built filters to segregate your users for communication.


Introducing a phenomenal way to increase the deposit amounts and enhance fan engagement- deals, which allows you to offer cashback and rewards to your users on depositing a certain amount. The system suggests users with the most beneficial deal which can be utilized from My Wallet section.

User Management

We have introduced user management in the admin panel which enables you to manage user details, rankings, deposits, document approvals and reports as per the user segments- amount deposited, amount won, the number of contests joined etc helps to run targeted campaigns. This maximizes the effect of your campaigns and creates a bigger impact.

Bonus usage

We have improvised the user interface and introduced bonus usage feature through which a user can participate in the contest with the bonus cash.

Version 1.0.10

9th October 2019

New Admin Panel with Dashboard

Our new admin panel enables you with a broad specter of options and possibilities. It’s stunning, clean and professional with full flexibility and extendability. Get curated performance insights with statistical graphs on our new dashboard that are generated in real-time, designed to help you achieve your business goals, save time, and get more done.

Communication Model

Seamlessly communicate with your users’ at one place. It helps you send emails, messages, in-app notifications and keep track of all your communications so that you never lose touch with your users.

Fixture wise management

Fixture wise management feature empowers you to control and manage player salaries. It provides you an option to select different salaries for different matches of the same league.

Smart Updates

Smart updates like intimation of rain delay and team announcements are driven by real-time data points to enhance user experience.

What’s Improved

Our new contest templates saves you from the hassle and supercharge your workflow by enabling you to use the previously created contests, saved as a template for the upcoming leagues.

New integrated sports data feeds are highly advanced and come along with player salaries, positions, league points, and other important stats. The data feeds are now also available for domestic leagues and matches.

Version 1.0.9

19th September 2019

What’s Improved

We’ve made the User’s Contest window (My Contest) better and snappy. User can easily browse between Live, Upcoming and Completed contests of any sport in the header section.

With our advanced admin panel, we are trying to supercharge your workflow and make it more powerful. Ad banners for Sign Up and Lobby have been made dynamic. They pick real-time data from the back-end.

Now, you can also configure the side image of your desktop application as per your preference. We have also added the download app button for desktop users to promote app installs.

We’ve moved the navigation menu from app’s side drawer to its bottom. This has made it easier for users to navigate through the app.

We have introduced a unique URL for every page, which makes link sharing and user activity easily trackable.


5th Sep 2019


Social Sign Up : We’re introducing Gmail and Facebook sign-ups. No need to fill out a registration form or wait for the OTP – it also allows you to gather more accurate user data, including verified email addresses, age and gender for marketing activities.

OTPs will now come on mail ids as well if the user inputs his mail id instead of mobile number.


4th August 2019

Home Page

Now open to customizations : We have now opened the gates of creativity for clients. If they choose to design their home page by themselves, they can do it. We’ll simply integrate it with our platform.


17th July 2019

What’s Improved

Emailers are designed to bring a creative zeal and interactive approach with the addition of interactive graphics, logo, or banner and header images that can strike an instant connection with customers and make your brand more memorable and unique.

Force update functionality has been introduced. Users with older versions of the mobile app will be asked to update it whenever a new version is available.

What’s Fixed

Fixed the issue with the back arrow of the browser.

Fixed the “search by name” issue in referral report of the admin panel.


10th July 2019

What’s Improved

PAYTM responses are now received in a quicker time.


4th July 2019

What’s Improved

What’s Improved Updated Paytm controller for status update and user data.


27th June 2019

What’s Fixed

What’s Fixed Fixed the balance issue that occurred in the admin panel while managing user’s balance.


20th June 2019

What’s Improved

Clone feature in “My Team” section has been enhanced.

What’s Fixed

Payment failure occurred while using the Paytm gateway is now fixed.

Version 1.0.8

13th June 2019

Configurable Scoring for Captain and Vice Captains

Now, we can configure the scoring multiplier for the captain and vice-captains as per your preference.

Automatic Inactivity Logout

Admin panels will be automatically logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity to protect sensitive client data and ensure security.

Social Connect Emails

We have now introduced social icons in emails to encourage social networking and revamped the design to make it more engaging.

Clone team

We have introduced the clone team feature in the “My Team” section. This will save a lot of time for users who can now clone their teams and do the required changes efficiently.

What’s Improved

We have made the participation bar more responsive by introducing color change from blue to red on fulfilling the minimum count required for the contest.

Now the icon for the sharing contest will be visible until the contest entries are not full.

We have reduced the start-up time of the application from 5 sec to 3 sec.

Username is not required anymore, while creating teams.

We removed the “MICR code” field while entering bank details.

What’s Fixed

We fixed the “Entry N” button issue in the contest detail section of the IE browser.

In the contest detail screen of the responsive view, “Entry N” button will now stick with the screen.

We have fixed the issue with the count of users participating in the particular contest in the “My Team” section.

Fixed the bug that occurred at the time of changing the position and salary of the players on roster management of the admin panel.

We fixed the issue while logging in with UC Browser.

Fixed the transaction failure issue occurred while using Paytm and PayU money payment gateways.

Fixed the TDS deduction issue occurred when the user withdraws the winning amount.

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