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Version 2.1.0

Coins Module

In this release, we have introduced gamification experience to enhance user engagement and brand loyalty. Users can earn now coins on sign-in daily, giving feedbacks and referring a friend. These coins can be redeemed by the user in exchange for real cash, bonus cash, and gift coupons. This feature will be completely defined and managed by the admin.

Version 2.0.6

What’s Fixed-

he link to download mobile app can be shared via SMS.

We have added the “Add Gang War” and “Contest for Champion” game type in our sports framework.

The issue with "Download All Team" in pdf format is now fixed.

The issue while creating a team in Basketball is fixed.

Now user can also signup/login in the Hindi language

The UI issue with 5 character team abbreviation is now fixed.

The issue arising while changing sport in admin panel is now fixed.

The incorrect reminder of "Documents approval pending" in the manage user’s dashboard is now fixed.

The issue arising with the soccer sport filters is now fixed.

The changes in user balance while adding and deducing the amount are now reflected in the admin user balance.

The admin panel issue arising while entering the benefit cap in combination of zero(0) in creating promo code is now fixed. We have also added the delete promo code functionality for the admin.

The UI issues in the Game stats section of manage user, player cards in the game log and language selection screen is now fixed.

The issue with site rake reset to 10 while selecting "Auto" section from "Prize distribution" is now fixed.

Player cards of Football are now visible.

The issue with notification count is fixed.

Version 2.0.5

What’s Improved-

The deadline for every match is now fixed to 0 minutes between the start time of the match.

Admin section now expires within 30 minutes of inactivity.

What’s Fixed-

The value of prizes won in the winning tab of contest details and lobby are no more appearing in roundoff format.

The issues while creating a contest template with prize selection of Top 1, Top 3, Top 10, Top 20, Top 30%, Top50% is fixed.

Users can now add content in WhatsApp and Facebook sharing while using the feature “Share the contest” and “Refer a friend”.

The issues occurring while changing the amount of discount in promo code creation is fixed.

Version 2.0.4

What’s New-
Captain based Fantasy game (Feature)

We have introduced a new feature- Captain based Fantasy in the sport Cricket and Soccer. This eliminates the option to select the vice-captain while creating lineup

What’s Improved-

We have added Whatsapp and Facebook share options in contest sharing and refer a friend.

What’s Fixed-

In the winning tab, the winning amount will now be the round-off value, if the value is in decimals.

Version 2.0.3

What’s Improved-

Admin can now keep site rake in decimals while creating contest template.

In the admin panel, timestamps will now be available in local format.

What’s Fixed-

● The contest will now disappear after the completion of the contest.

● The issues with the format of T20 and ODI is resolved.

● The issues arising during the team logo and team jersey updation is now fixed.

● "No Change" error message in the game center is resolved.

● The implementation of lineup functionality is completed.

● The email issues with date, time, team name and logo of the winning amount are now fixed.

Version 2.0.2

What’s New-
Add user from Admin Panel (Feature)

Admin can now add users from the admin panel to encourage user participation.

Bonus Capping in Contest (Feature)

An inbuilt feature has now been introduced which restricts users from using the entire bonus amount for participation. Bonus capping is now configurable and set as default to 100 points.

What’s Fixed-

● Description of the transaction history now reflects the complete amount deduction involving “Real+Winning+Bonus” cash.

● The issue of different transaction id in admin panel and frontend is now fixed.

● The existing error while clicking on fixture banner is resolved.

● "No Change" error message in the game center is resolved.

● UI issues with contest list and contest detail tabs are now fixed.

● The issue with custom date selection option in withdrawal request is now fixed.

● The issues with the feature copy team in my team tab is now fixed.

● In the manage scoring section, the issue with the filter drop-down option is now resolved.

● The issues with the KYC verification are resolved.

● The changes made in the content of the static page- Contact Us in the contest management, will now reflect in the front end.

Version 2.0.1

What’s Fixed

● Admin dashboard UI issues are now fixed.

● Issues with the KYC module are fixed.

● The issues with the admin’s transaction list is fixed.

● Winning amount gets updated while the admin accesses the contest list.

● Redirection issues while sharing the contest is now fixed.

● Admin panel’s salary update toggle is fixed.

● Deep linking is enabled which means when the user clicks on any link of the app, the app gets installed on the user’s phone.

● Issues with exporting to .csv functionality is fixed

● Email verification is fixed to ensure email authentication

What’s Improved

● Username is now hyperlinked and will redirect the user to their profile on clicking.

Version 2.0.0

What’s New:

Admin dashboard advanced with Google analytics : Our admin dashboard is now equipped with google analytics, which will help you understand your customer behavior. Now, you can also track the ROI for your online marketing from a single place.

Custom messaging and filters in communication module : Now you can buy credits for emails, SMS, and notifications and also customize your own messages and inhibit personalization while communicating with your users. You can also use in-built filters to segregate your users for communication.

Deals : Introducing a phenomenal way to increase the deposit amounts and enhance fan engagement- deals, which allows you to offer cashback and rewards to your users on depositing a certain amount. The system suggests users with the most beneficial deal which can be utilized from My Wallet section.

User Management : We have introduced user management in the admin panel which enables you to manage user details, rankings, deposits, document approvals and reports as per the user segments- amount deposited, amount won, the number of contests joined etc helps to run targeted campaigns. This maximizes the effect of your campaigns and creates a bigger impact.

Bonus usage : We have improvised the user interface and introduced bonus usage feature through which a user can participate in the contest with the bonus cash.

Version 1.0.10


New Admin Panel with Dashboard : Our new admin panel enables you with a broad specter of options and possibilities. It’s stunning, clean and professional with full flexibility and extendability. Get curated performance insights with statistical graphs on our new dashboard that are generated in real-time, designed to help you achieve your business goals, save time, and get more done.

Communication Model : Seamlessly communicate with your users’ at one place. It helps you send emails, messages, in-app notifications and keep track of all your communications so that you never lose touch with your users.

Fixture wise management : Fixture wise management feature empowers you to control and manage player salaries. It provides you an option to select different salaries for different matches of the same league.

Smart Updates : Smart updates like intimation of rain delay and team announcements are driven by real-time data points to enhance user experience.

What’s Improved

● Our new contest templates saves you from the hassle and supercharge your workflow by enabling you to use the previously created contests, saved as a template for the upcoming leagues.

● New integrated sports data feeds are highly advanced and come along with player salaries, positions, league points, and other important stats. The data feeds are now also available for domestic leagues and matches.

Version 1.0.9

What’s Improved

● We’ve made the User’s Contest window (My Contest) better and snappy. User can easily browse between Live, Upcoming and Completed contests of any sport in the header section.

● With our advanced admin panel, we are trying to supercharge your workflow and make it more powerful. Ad banners for Sign Up and Lobby have been made dynamic. They pick real-time data from the back-end.

● Now, you can also configure the side image of your desktop application as per your preference. We have also added the download app button for desktop users to promote app installs.

● We’ve moved the navigation menu from app’s side drawer to its bottom. This has made it easier for users to navigate through the app.

● We have introduced a unique URL for every page, which makes link sharing and user activity easily trackable.



Social Sign Up : We’re introducing Gmail and Facebook sign-ups. No need to fill out a registration form or wait for the OTP – it also allows you to gather more accurate user data, including verified email addresses, age and gender for marketing activities.

OTPs will now come on mail ids as well if the user inputs his mail id instead of mobile number.



Home Page - Now open to customizations : We have now opened the gates of creativity for clients. If they choose to design their home page by themselves, they can do it. We’ll simply integrate it with our platform.


What’s Improved

● Emailers are designed to bring a creative zeal and interactive approach with the addition of interactive graphics, logo, or banner and header images that can strike an instant connection with customers and make your brand more memorable and unique.

● Force update functionality has been introduced. Users with older versions of the mobile app will be asked to update it whenever a new version is available.

What’s Fixed

● Fixed the issue with the back arrow of the browser.

● Fixed the “search by name” issue in referral report of the admin panel.


What’s Improved

PAYTM responses are now received in a quicker time.


What’s Improved

What’s Improved Updated Paytm controller for status update and user data.


What’s Fixed

What’s Fixed Fixed the balance issue that occurred in the admin panel while managing user’s balance.


What’s Improved

Clone feature in “My Team” section has been enhanced.

What’s Fixed

Payment failure occurred while using the Paytm gateway is now fixed.

Version 1.0.8

What’s Improved

● We have made the participation bar more responsive by introducing color change from blue to red on fulfilling the minimum count required for the contest.

● Now the icon for sharing contest will be visible until the contest entries are not full.

● We have reduced the start-up time of the application from 5 sec to 3 sec.

● Username is not required anymore, while creating teams.

● We removed the “MICR code” field while entering bank details.

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