White-Label Fantasy Sports Software 3.0

All new and enhancing UI, new player cards, comprehensive team stats, contests with group chats, a night mode, dynamic reporting to powerful analytics - Version 3.0’s robust architecture and improved performance will transform your gaming platform.

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Experiential, aesthetically modern UI, facilitating frictionless gaming experience


25% faster

than version 2.0

The most accurate, dynamic & abundantly informative player cards

And minutely comprehensive team statistics, including all the players of the team

Private Contest & Chats

We make fantasy sports platforms that are fun and social, the way it is meant to be.

1:1 and group messaging features with private contest will motivate social behaviors and build a community around your game. Often players want to interact with each other, brag their victories & know they are being heard.

Nudge your users in the right direction with clear-cut coach marks

Users can now
participate in contests
with coins

Bonus cash expiry to create urgency &motivate engagement


One platform, for all geographies. Manage any currency & operate in different time zones

Featuring fast, easy, and effortless way to submit multiple teams with a single click

And an increasingly popular

Dark Mode

  • A platform-wide option to switch from the white mode to the dark mode
  • With improved UI, we are modernizing the platform to attract sports fans in millions.

A unique landscape to upsurge your revenue and elevate your fan engagement

Irrespective of the platform the user is signed on, network games allow users from multiple fantasy sports platforms to come together and participate in Mega contests. Your users won’t see any difference, they will only see larger prize pools with humongous numbers.

Say Hello To Affiliates

We’re introducing Affiliates —a whole new level of player acquisition. Affiliates can independently register themselves, select commission options, without monetary caps to get started. Our affiliate marketing and agent management solutions can be effectively leveraged by brands, partners, or influencers to earn gains, whilst increasing the revenue.

SEO tracking made simple

With support to SEO capabilities and web analytics service platforms like Google Firebase, Google analytics, and Singular analytics, you will be able to organically grow your presence over the internet and uncover valuable data about our audience to develop the tactics and action plan for marketing.

Responsible Gaming

We make sure our software respect the highest standards of quality, and offer a safe user experience that protects people from the potential negative consequences of online gambling.


We strive to assist and protect players who are at risk of loss. With an introduction of self-exclusion, a loss limit is set for all the players which can also be managed by the individual users to exclude themselves from losing more than the set limit.

Banned states

Adhering to the gaming laws restricting skill-based games like fantasy sports in some states and jurisdictions, we have introduced the “Banned States” feature to block users from these states from adding cash or participating in money contests.

Powered by the most advanced structural framework and some amazing dynamic capabilities,

Version 3.0 makes it easy to manage your gaming business

Version 3.0

Automated KYC validation

Simplify compliance without slowing down transactions or damaging customer relationships with automated KYC validation performed with the help of 3rd party integrations.

Automated withdrawals

With integrated banking API’s you can now perform instant transactions on approving withdrawal requests of your users without any hassle.

GST reports & invoicing

In order to follow all the GST requirements, our software provides you a clear idea about your income details, tax liability, or eligibility for a refund, to ensure proper credit flow.

Role hierarchy

Create and edit roles. A role hierarchy works together with sharing settings to determine the levels of access your employees/partners have to your business data.

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