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There are millions of gamers worldwide playing fantasy games every day. They are all hungry for new game types in order to follow their passion. We understand their personas and their needs deeply and have game types for everyone to play and enjoy. Our framework comes pre-loaded with all major game types that could be further customized. Moreover, you get complete fantasy sports solutions to build a scalable business.

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Game types

50-50: A large group of people signs up in these games. Users finishing in the top half wins and users finishing in the bottom half lose.

League/Tournaments: Contests with large player base. Usually the top 3 places finisher gets the lion’s share.

H2H: Man to man, head to head. You vs 1 other player.

Uncapped: Unlimited number of players can join this game

Guaranteed: Get the winnings for sure. Usually large prize pools and runs even if unfilled

Pick em’: Allows fantasy players to choice the best out of 3-8 players for each given position.

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Scoring-based game type

H2H: Users battle a new opponent every week to see who can accumulate the most points in certain stat categories. Weekly win-loss total will be added to a cumulative season record.

Points: In a "points only" League, scoring is cumulative over the course of the entire season. The team with the highest point total at the end of the year wins.

Rotisserie: Every team is awarded points at the end of the season based on there overall ranking (from first to last) in each of several stat categories.

Scoring Based Fantasy Game Type

Draft-based game type

Live draft: The most common model. Every team selects one player for their lineup per round till their roster is full. The draft order reverses each time.

Offline draft: Under this draft, players are drafted offline, standard or auction.

Auto-pick: The system automatically drafts players to each team in the league on a scheduled draft date. Users customize their player queue to enhance their chances of getting the players they want.

Auction draft: Auction drafts are based on bidding format. Leagues under this draft type use auction to draft are setup with a budget to spend on a set number of players.

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League-based game type

Standard/traditional: The most common and basic format of fantasy sports. Traditional snake draft fantasy league that lasts for one season.

Keepers: In Keepers leagues, one or more players are kept on a fantasy roster from season to season

Dynasty: Each team gets to keep a certain number of players from year to year. These leagues don’t start fresh every season.

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