Our team of 100+ members only works on Fantasy Sports Offerings

Vinfotech is probably the only company globally with such a large team focusing solely on fantasy sports offerings. Our unrelenting focus in fantasy sports ensures our partners have a market leading fantasy sports platform to offer to their players

Looking for a team to improve your existing iGaming application?

We are pushing the boundaries constantly by creating out-of-box fantasy gaming solutions for politics, music, movies, stocks, e-sports in a never-seen-before branding on fantasy gaming apps.

Multiple Sports

Stock market

Reality TV


racing fantasy


Motor sports



Multiple Game Formats

We have been delivering fantasy platforms for daily, weekly and season-long game types.

Take a look at some of the iGaming components we've built over the years

Work with a software service provider who's already worked on many of the igaming software development projects. We've a huge repository of frameworks and templates across sports betting, casinos, fantasy sports that can expedite your time to market

Experience Hub - deliver an unmatched gaming experience

Whether it is building some customized UI Components or user engagement pieces our iGaming development team can help you build these

  • Gamification levels

    Daily Login streak, reward milestones will keep your players coming back regularly

  • Bonus & rewards

    Let us build exciting exciting reward mechanism to boost your player acquisition & retention

  • Virtual Currency

    Build a virtual currency that can be distributed to your users. Use it as an additional engagement layer

Game Hub - bring in the personalization

If you are looking to add game developers to your team we can help you build real money or engagement games. Take a look at some of the games we've built

  • Free to play games

    Stop relying on other affiliates and create your own channel for user acquisition

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  • Custom betting app development

    Powerful and feature rich sports betting software for millennial engagement

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  • Custom stock market development

    Gaming around stock markets, crypto or any other investment product

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Finance Hub - for a comprehensive financial system

Whether you want to add a new currency, add a new report or just spice up the offers section our iGaming experts can help you

  • Comprehensive reports

    Automated KYC Validations
    performed with the help of 3rd party integrations

  • Fraud and KYC solutions

    Automated KYC Validations
    performed with the help of 3rd party integrations

  • Multi currency solutions

    Take your business global with multi currency. Our developers can help you integrate any currency and even Crypto

Marketing Hub - know your game and your gamers

We've worked deeply on analytics and can help you program actionable insights for your iGaming platform

  • User Segmentation

    You can create user segments and motivate them accordingly to drive desired user action

  • User Persona

    An invaluable tool to help you understand the needs and behaviors of your audience segments

  • User Communication

    Communications can be sent to the users via emails, SMS’s, in-app, and push notifications

  • Data and reporting

    Our marketing software solution records each action in real-time and provides detailed customizable reports

Office Hub - control
the backstage

Office Hub adds value to your gaming business by empowering the quick processing of complex administration tasks

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Our dashboards specialist team will help you generate insights, understand trends & track KPIs of your business

  • Advanced reporting

    Create custom reports for various business units be it user activity, game, referrals

  • User role hierarchy

    Provide different level of access to your internal team to your gaming business data

The next generation of
Affiliate Management System

  • Easy promotions

    A simplified affiliate management solution that allows affiliates to easily promote the platform

  • Simplified statistics calculation

    A System for calculating the profitability of advertising campaigns that is transparent

  • Feature rich tracking

    Our solutions efficiently manage data like the number of signups, deposit amount and more

Looking for a team to improve your existing iGaming application?

We will develop powerful backend admin panel for you

  • 01 Any custom feature you want
  • 02 Responsible gaming management
  • 03 Insightful dashboard summaries
  • 04 Real time monitoring
  • 05 Rewards Management
  • 06 Financial ERPs (tax reports andi invoicing)
  • 07 Game and merchandise management
  • 08 Manage all at one place from marketing, finance, operations to reporting

A one stop destination for an unmatched gaming experience

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