Avenues for Fantasy Sports

Think of a sports or an event and we have it for you. If you are planning something new, our vFantasy Framework can be scaled to cover new sports, new markets and new events.


Fantasy football software

Leagues covered – NFL and NCAA

The most followed game across US and Canada. NFL's annual revenue in America is $13 billion. The league expects to grow that number to $25 billion by 2027. Keeping this huge market size in mind, our fantasy platform development offers daily, weekly and season-long games type and varied formats to enjoy the sport.

Fantasy soccer software

Leagues covered – All domestic and international leagues

A global fan following of 3.5 billion makes soccer/association football the most promising sports for fantasy sports businesses. Our fantasy soccer software design and development enables you to cover almost all domestic and international leagues across the globe.

Fantasy baseball software

Leagues covered – MLB, NPB, KBO league and others

Daily and weekly fantasy baseball is the first choice of baseball fans. Charm the baseball fans like never before with a distinctive and twisted game play on our fantasy baseball software.

Fantasy basketball software

Leagues covered – NBA, euro basket, euro league and others

Fantasy basketball participation has grown by 21% in last one year specially when it comes to daily format for fantasy. With complete customizable scoring and unique game types, you can further ensure an amazing daily, weekly and season gameplay in your app.

Fantasy hockey software

Leagues covered – NHL and CHL

US and Canadian hockey enjoys immense popularity in northern and eastern Europe. The most complex scoring system we have ever developed in our fantasy hockey platform to ensure you are able offer world-class fantasy contests to your users.

Fantasy cricket software

Leagues covered – IPL, ICC world T20, CPL, big bash league and other international fixtures

2.5 Billion fans are all set to enjoy the game like never before with some exceptional daily, weekly and season-long fantasy sports gameplays and customizable scoring system.

Fantasy eSports solution

Leagues covered – DotA 2, LOL, CS:GO

eSports market touched 134 million viewers by the end of 2015. Games like DotA 2 and league of legends enjoy a massive global audience. Roughly half of eSports viewers participate in some type of competitive gaming, mostly online through platforms.

Other sports

Our fantasy sports software development expertise enables you to offer all the sports that you can ever think of. Be it single player sports like golf, chess, tennis, badminton or a multiplayer sports, everything can be implemented with absolute perfection.

Events and markets

Planning to attempt something unique?
Take your platform to a new level. Why restrict to only sports when you have the world to explore!
Our gaming heritage has compelled us to explore ourselves in markets like stocks, politics, TV shows, award ceremonies and workplace gamification

How Vinfotech can help you with fantasy sports app development?

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