Stock Market Fantasy Software

Develop a stock fantasy application and website that is power packed with robust features and delivers a flawless user experience. Vinfotech’s Fantasy Stock Market Software gives you the product that delivers a fun, engaging and real time stock trading experience.

Some of the world's leading brands have trusted us with sports fantasy. We are now delighted to be presenting Stock Fantasy on our powerful platform.

Why should you invest in developing a stock market fantasy application and website?

Fantasy sports stock fantasy apps provides fans with the chance to use their stock market knowledge and get rewarded for the same. A fantasy stock market trading game can be employed by several financial institutions to make financial literacy in investment and stock markets more fun and engaging.

Fantasy Stock gaming apps can be insightful and educational for aspiring investors. Gamification can make learning important financial skills more fun and engaging. By simplifying the concept of trading and eliminating risks of monetary loss in real-life trading, such apps have been instrumental in encouraging the otherwise cynical generation of millennials to start investing as well.

Vinfotech is a leading stock market software company. Our software brings together an array of advanced features, compelling admin tools and flawless user experience which makes it easy to launch and gives your business a colossal boost.

How can you make the most out of our White Label Stock Market Software?

Start your own Real Money Stock Fantasy Business

Our white label software can easily be set up as a daily stock fantasy business that accepts real money. It can be configured for any sport with any currency to give your platform advanced capabilities.


Customize or buildyour own fantasy platform

A complete custom stock fantasy platform development based on your requirement. Our platform supports multiple game types and can be also integrated with your current platform.

How does our fantasy stock market software work?

Remember you are not trading in stocks, you are just buying / selling virtual stocks

Features that deliver a new age fantasy sports experience

A seamless fantasy cricket software

Ensure compliance and manage your gaming business effortlessly

An all new admin panel with advanced capabilities

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