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Why fantasy sports for reality TV?

The world of sports has taught us that anything and everything can be improved by creating a scoring system and holding a draft. Fantasy sports is long known to turbo-charge sports-based businesses.

The next generation of fans stream TV online, want to stay socially connected with their favorite characters and are always up for a rewarding digital experience. One can capitalize on this digital engagement and deliver a second-screen experience, both during the show and in between episodes or even seasons. The same audience when tapped for reality TV fantasy, with little changes in the rules and some real drama, can create magic for TV channels.

Vinfotech's fantasy gaming platforms are amazing marketing solutions that will provide you with a comeptitive advantage. Our feature enriched solutions are ROI driven and will boost your business efficiency.

A fantasy reality TV application
development will bring in immense benefits for

Reality TV Shows

Fantasy sports platform for reality TV shows results in tremendous increase in viewerships which leads to increase in sponsorship revenues.


TV Channels

Fantasy games for popular shows helps channels boost the overall viewership, increase engagement and helps create brand value.

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MTV Challenge Fantasy

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