Every brand needs a fanbase

Vinfotech takes fan engagement to a whole new level with games based on real life events that add an unmatched business value.

Do you know 70% of game enthusiasts tend to buy products of a specific brand being influenced by its advertising during real-life events?

Fantasy games

Answer to your engagement equation

    • 01
    • Leverage customer’s current
      predisposition to online gaming.
    • 02
    • Bring the engagement of online gaming platforms under the brand umbrella.
    • 03
    • Open up new revenue streams that
      gamification can bring.

fan engagement solutions fantasy games engagement platform

Integrate gaming solutions to your existing platform to elevate user engagement and boost ROI

  • Fun contests to engage

    Offer a versatile set of contests – from prediction, quizzes, tournaments, multi-games & more.

  • Incentivize with rewards

    Use points or coins as rewards to appreciate your users efforts. Also, set rules to unlock the goodies.

  • Motivate social behaviour

    Create conversations around your brand. Your users can also form teams & compete on the Leaderboard.

  • Diversify your portfolio

    Advance into a sweeping new way to tap into an unexplored audience group.

Vinfotech’s Gaming Platform

Transform the way you do business, the way your fans engage, with our gaming solutions and witness the magic happen.

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Implementation Approach & Timeline

Using our gaming product as a base allows you to launch fast and right