Why social network way is the best way for any business?

Your customers are on social networks, and if your aren’t there yet, you may need to restructure your marketing strategy.

Find a way to use social network for business, or find a perfect excuse. There’s no middle way. If your business applications aren’t ‘social enough’, your business might bite the dust in the next few years. So yeap, it’s a big deal. Social network is where your customers are, if you aren’t there, where in the world are you anyway?

The addiction of social networks – from ordering food to reading articles to finding information, interacting in real time to selling products – is akin to living now. Here’s why social network is the best way to boost business today -

1. Adding social to eCommerce

Some smarter eCommerce players have added a social layer to their existing eCommerce applications giving birth to what’s now famously called ‘social commerce’. There are companies who add fashion tips and articles and allow buyers to interact and chat with each other to get real-time reviews of the products before buying. Others have launched social shopping apps such as Wanelo or Frenzy sprinkling them with a social network personality. Just by smartly done custom social network development, businesses are able to reach more prospective buyers and sell products better.

2. Deeper user empathy leads to sales

While analytics today is a powerful tool to understand users, it’s important where the same is used and how it is interpreted. When a business thinks of building a social network application or adding a social layer to existing application, the users are automatically filtered. That way, the businesses have a more focused analytics leading to deeper user empathy. This leads to repeat business and have a consistent relationship with buyers or users.

3. More personalized products and services

Remember what Seth Godin said:

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell. Businesses must sell stories, ideas, concepts and experiences if they want to sell products. The modern users don’t just want a product or service, they want an entire experience. Social networking applications or online businesses with social network functionality are able to offer a more personalized user experience that yields a brand loyalty. For instance, a rival application to Snapchat is Shots that works in the old school VHS-style that puts a time stamp on the videos. It allows users to click pictures or videos through a front-facing camera and then they can share it with other users.

4. Plethora of opportunities

There are businesses who are exploring the psychology behind social networking and using it to expand and innovate. Education sector is totally utilizing the inherent need of sharing knowledge or information. YouTube is full of millions of videos that teach some sort of skill or art; there’s Udemy that’s selling courses. Sports teams, leagues and clubs are now trying to divert the traffic of their social media pages to their own custom social networks in order to sell related merchandise and engage fans.

Social networks thrive on transparency and it’s possibly the best way to get credibility for your business.

  • Social commerce enables businesses to reach more prospective buyers
  • Social media analytics leads to deeper end-user empathy
  • Social media apps are more personalized for users
  • Custom social networks offer a plethora of opportunities

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