Will social media be the new stadium for sports fans in 2017?

In 2017, more sports fans would interact on social networks while watching the games.
Should you bring these fans on your social networks?

The “El Classico” between two Spanish soccer club giants, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid FC is one of the most watched contests not only in Spain but all over the world by millions and millions of fans. For all those fans watching the game inside the stadium, it is the best experience they can have, enjoying the game while rooting for their favorite with a rivalry second to none.

But for all those people watching the game on television and via live streaming, the experience is not the same. Noise levels are low, excitement and passion is somewhat less and the fans just miss out on living the game itself.

Why are we mulling over this? So you could leverage the power of social networks to your advantage in 2017. A stadium in its capacity can hold maximum of 60-70 thousand fans or probably a little more than this. Think of social media network as a stadium which has a seat for every fan irrespective of location.

Social media platforms may rival match-days in 2017

What’s fundamentally changing in 2017 in terms of sports fans is the volume and depth of penetration of social media in replicating the thrills of actual matches. Several studies are indicating that in the coming years, fans would be more active on social media during live games. During live games 30% of sports fans are active on Twitter while 45% are on it on Facebook.  As a means of communication, during live games, 34% fans make use of Whatsapp and Facebook messenger to interact with each other. As other means of communication, Snapchat is quickly picking up pace and is creating an impact on this group. These numbers may multiply in the new year.

Today the buzz and excitement on social media networks is close to rivaling with real time experience since our new venue has free entry and unlimited access to data, stats and various other things.

Why 2017 should be your year of owning a social network platform?

Is there any need for sports leagues or clubs to have their social network in 2017? The answer is YES. And here’s why:

Leverage on the virtual socializing

It’s your league and team, and so are the fans. Why let someone else control and make hay? Think about your own social network, where fans can be part of all match days, enjoy chatting and interacting with friends and other fans, where they can play some cool fantasy or prediction games . Moreover, they are able to talk to their favorite players directly. This helps you generate a wonderful and personalized experience for your fans. We have already shared with you why you need not benefit other social media platforms with your fan data.

Curate your own fan experience

Instead of using external social media platforms which have their own way of delivering experience, why not serve your fans and followers your own platform which if fully built for them to take their experience into another orbit?

Data analytics helps multiply fans

Today deeper analytics give businesses invaluable insights into their customers’ mind. Fan engagement is no exception and you can multiply your fans just be analyzing the behavior of existing fans. Do read how.

Now with your own social network, you have two stadiums, one where the actual games happen and the other that caters to all your other fans who are privileged enough to come and watch every game live, but have a chance to relive the same experience as the ones who are inside the stadiums.

Expect sports fan to be more demanding in 2017 as they enter another year of virtual socializing. This is the best time to plan an unparalleled fan engagement platform.

  • Social media is the new playground for fans
  • It is interactive as well as informative
  • Having your own social network helps define fan experience

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