Sell more cars in 2017 with your official fan club. Start by knowing your customers!

Are you selling cars the same way as last year? Our team challenges you to do some soul-searching and consider creating a fan club for car buyers.

If you are an automaker and have your own official fan club, don't you think you will sell more and help customers improve their lives? There's a fair chance that you will as long as you know who your customers are, what they do and what they think: This information about customers you are building an official fan club for, would determine the choice of your community platform, discussions you'd initiate and activities you'd host.

Demographics < Location

It is important to identify clusters of customers around different locations. If you've large number of customers from say Mumbai, it may make sense to treat them as separate sub-group you can target, and bring to your fan club in a single effort. You may even want to launch your customer social-network or a fan club solely for Mumbai and expand gradually once community has reached momentum.

Demographics < Age & gender

Knowing age and gender of customers helps you craft an entire fan club communication. Compile this data from existing records, conducting survey or looking at magazines that target your audience & request their advertising material.

Car Customer Engagement on Social Networks

Demographics < Profession

It's useful to have understanding of job titles of your customers to understand the larger ecosystem that defines their thinking and behavior. Consider random review of their Linkedin profiles to gather finer details.

Audience habits: What are they doing?

It’s important to understand both online and offline habits of customers to be able to create a great fan club that’s practical and relevant to your audience's life-experiences. You need to know following through a survey:
 / Which tools and platforms they use? To decide on your own community development efforts
 / What do they read online? To work on your promotional, status-enhancing and relationship activities.
 / What are the topics they're interested in and what makes them emotional? To post winning discussions, articles and activities.
 / What time do they browse internet? If you want to host an event, knowing when they access your social-network, would tell whether your competition is any leisure activity, work or something else.
 / What are other specifics of habits related to the topic? When do they participate, for how long, which aspect of the topic, what's their process of participation?

Psychographics < What do they think & feel?

Knowing this is more important than we may imagine. Customer's feelings and emotions entirely drives the positioning of social-network, not who they are (demographics). Try to find out following:
 / What are your customers' biggest problem/ challenge? What are the key issues they care about, what are they struggling with, what are they worried about and what interests them?
 / What are their key experiences of success & failures? How did they become interested in the topic, what is their average day like, what are their biggest achievement and failures?
 / What do they aspire for? What are your customer's hopes, fears and aspirations? What language do they use to discuss the topic?

Customer analysis isn't a one-time event, rather it’s an ongoing process.
Do it every 6 or 12 months to ensure that your social network stays relevant to your customers.

For ready solutions on customer social networks, feel free to call us.

  • Find out where your customers live
  • Know their age, gender, profession
  • Learn about your customers’ habits
  • Empathize with their feelings, thoughts

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