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Data analytics is your golden chance to get a piece of a sports fan's mind.
Grab your pie.

The great Sherlock Holmes had said once: It’s a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Well, you don’t really need to be Holmes to figure out that today data determines factors and possibilities of current and future business endeavours. You are able to literally figure out your customers because of data. Over the years, data has played a pivotal role in sports. No sport can survive without accurate data and statistics. Why? Fans mostly look at the data to determine their favorite team and players. Also fan-related data collected from various platforms and sources help in judging the need of modern day sports fans. Do you want to know how exactly data helps in delivering amazing fan experience? Read on.

Buzz your fans

As a league or sports team you always need to make sure that you understand the mood of fans as to what they like, what they want. Opinion polls and surveys are some of the best ways to gauge what fans are really thinking and what drives them.
One of the top Italian soccer club AS Roma while re-engineering their existing website, conducted an online survey to understand what fans wanted when they visited their club website. The response for this was tremendous and it again help reiterate the fact that fan opinion should be the top priority for any club or league.

Listen to your fans

Many a times fans can see things which a club or a coach may not be able to see. It may happen that every time their input may not have much relevance but in some cases it has proven to be absolutely vital. Till very recently Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney was not performing at his best. On social media, there was a lot of hue and cry about his on-field performances that was affecting Manchester United’s results. An anxious fan opined, “He should stop playing football, he is ruining United." The overall say had its impact on Manchester United and their current manager Jose Mourinho was forced to drop Rooney from his first team. As Steve Maraboli said,"Sometimes it seems haters are just fans who are in denial."

Serve relevant data via fan engagement platform

Now days, fans are always lookout on data and statistics. Why Messi is better than Ronaldo or vice-versa, which is a better midfielder Xavi or Gerrard? All this comparison and its outcome in today’s world is based on accurate data available. Moreover, the live game scores and stats are nearly accurate and provide the right information at any time. Fan engagement platforms have played huge roles in ensuring all this information is delivered hassle-free. Digital fan engagement platform has revolutionized the way sports and sport data are perceived giving fan experience immense thrust in popularity.

English Premier League Fantasy cum fan engagement platform is one of the best platforms available for all premier league fans where they can play fantasy games while having fun with other fans via their groups and communities.

  • Data drives modern sports leagues and teams
  • Data analysis helps in understanding fan psychology
  • Fan engagement platform is the hottest way to serve relevant data

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