The success of Fantasy Tennis League paves way for individual fantasy games

What did Fantasy Tennis League do right that it won a million fantasy sports players? Find out.

Fantasy Tennis League, launched ahead of Australian Open 2017, came and conquered fantasy tennis silencing doubts around individual sports fantasy games. Launched by Tennis Australia, FTL is a prime example of individual sport diving into the world of fantasy sports. This fantasy tennis website allows players to create teams on season-long ATP and WTA tours and engage fans for a complete season. This website has close to a million fantasy sports players who are actively playing and enjoying their beloved sport 24X7.

The success of FTL has forced sports associations and leagues for individual sports to take a closer look at the possibility of fantasy games in their domain. There’s a popular myth that individual sports do not make up for good fantasy gaming experience. The argument is that there is no concept of team, league and hence no competition. But fantasy sports built around individual sports such as golf and tennis have proven that individual sports can be equally exciting and intriguing in the world of fantasy sports.

Individual sports fantasy games can be equally addictive

Individual sports today have the potential in the field of fantasy sports for the simple reason that they can offer something extremely different to an audience that’s crazy for tennis. As American artist Andy Warhol put it: “You have to do stuff that average people don't understand because those are the only good things”. Startups or enterprises wanting to tap business opportunities in the field of individual fantasy games can stand out in less time.

Incentivizing fantasy sports players can never go wrong

In order to keep fans on their toes and excited, Fantasy Tennis League offers some great incentives and prizes ranging from apparels to finale game tickets. All the major tennis events falling under the ATP and WTA tours are used to create riveting fantasy games which fans may enjoy with their fellow fans or family.

Word of mouth still reigns

Fan engagement has been well taken care of by Tennis Australia through this application. Fans can post information about games on their social media wall via Facebook and Twitter and can create threads on various topics and invite other users of their leagues to participate in a healthy and meaningful discussion.
We need to take Andy Murray’s famous statement with a pinch of salt: Tennis is an individual sport, and I am quite a self-conscious person. Individual sports don’t stop people from admiring and following him. Individual sport athletes probably attract equal number of fans and people. A lot of people play individual sports such as golf, tennis, boxing etc and have made big in their respective fields. Players such as Tiger Woods, John McEnroe etc. are considered greats of the individual games of golf and tennis respectively. And each one of these celebrity players have an army of fans who would love to take on opponents on fantasy games platforms. Intrigued? We know the secret sauce that leads to successes such as this in the field of fantasy sports solutions. Let us know.

  • Individual sport athletes have huge fan following
  • Individual sports such as golf and tennis have huge potential
  • These sports fans are pining to play fantasy games

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