Music social networks are where music lovers are!

Just like the variety of music available, the music social networking is happening in a variety of ways.

Music becomes real when shared. At least that’s the message music lovers around the world seem to be sending out on social networks. That’s because the music industry has so many verticals such as singing, instrumental, genres like pop, country rock, folk, experimental music, karaoke and so on. Predictably enough, music lovers have bonded over social networks.

Just like the variety of music available, the music social networking is happening in a variety of ways. There are radio applications with a social network twist, there are music libraries with sharing and chatting options or streaming music applications that allow users to update status, watch and share music videos. is one such application where people search for new music, share playlists with friends and store their own music library in the cloud.

Similarly, Pandora lets you discover what others are listening and flaunt what you like in music. Care to show off your music? While is on similar lines, Worldsings allows you to vote for your favourite artist and win cash prizes.

Then there are exclusive social networks for musicians – people who can sing or play an instrument. There are famous musicians networking on these and the lesser famous ones finding platforms to win short-term fame. Music social networks like JamNow, MusoCity, Sonific, MelodyFusion etc are connecting musicians and their fans along with budding artists.

The reason why these niche social networks for music are just never enough is because individuals have a variety of musical tastes and not everything can be on one platform. At the same time, generic social networks are turning out to be insufficient to cater to such specific needs of music lovers, musicians and fans.

Once there used to be SoundCloud (which is still an effective medium of singing, sharing and listening), today there’s more variety and scope in musical social networks than before.

  • There are radio apps with a social network twist
  • Music libraries with sharing and chatting options are hot
  • Streaming music apps allow users to share music and updates

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