How to turn more visitors to become registered members in a social network?

Ever wondered why some people register and some don’t?
Learn from our simple strategy.

A pressing topic such as this doesn’t require a background, does it? So here we go. In order to highlight where you can increase newcomer to registered member conversion ratio, let’s break the registration process in series of steps that we expect any user to take. Data around these steps would give us clarity on where the loss is happening and what we can do about it, everything else is pure guess.

A typical process for a newcomer to become member

Step 1: Visits (Unique new visitors)
Step 2: Identifies something interesting to respond to or participate in
Step 3: Clicks to register
Step 4: Completes registration form
Step 5: Opens confirmation email
Step 6: Clicks the link to confirm registration

Increasing clicks on registration page

 / If you take extra care to only invite from pools of people with an above average level of interest in the topic, it should be easier to convert them to regulars.
 / Have the option to register prominently placed on the community or social network website.
 / Position all the latest activities in the social network above the fold. Make all the reasons for anyone to join the social network be available without the scroll.
 / Let a visitor become engaged before being invited to join and respond to a discussion. So, only after the visitor has been through few pages, prompt him to register.

Increasing completion of registration form

 / Once members have clicked on registration form, possibilities of them completing the form should be extremely high.
 / Keep the amount of data you require to absolute minimum. Anything more than username, email and password is irrelevant.
 / Let visitors create their first contribution then prompt them for registration. They would complete registration process to avoid losing the post they have already created.
 / Change the tone of copy to encourage completion of registration. This may include highlighting existing members, benefits of joining social network or activities members can participate in once they have joined.
 / In terms of design, stay simple and avoid being too clever. Tweak color, design and layout of registration form for maximum conversion.
 / Use Facebook registration to make it simpler

Increasing confirmation email opening

 / A large number of members are lost in this phase, as they have to go to their email accounts to do the needful.
 / Some people don't open emails from organizations. Try using community manager's name instead of community, to boost open rate.
 / Increase the speed at which confirmation email is sent. Anything longer than a minute is a failure.
 / It’s worthwhile to test several subject lines to find one which is best suited.
 / Run a spam filter check to see where your email is likely to end up in a receiver's mailbox.

Increasing clicks of confirmation link

 / Reduce quantity of email copy to a single link explaining recipient to click below.
 / In rare cases, you may like to highlight the action members can take within community once they click the link. This would usually be to participate in a topical discussion.

Optimizing visitor to registered member conversion ratio is an ongoing process, not a single event. So, have a regular process of benchmarking, testing interventions and then adapting to what works best.

  • Place ‘Register’ option prominently on the website
  • Tweak the tone of content to motivate registration
  • Keep the data during registration to a minimum
  • Avoid being too clever in design

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