How mobile are social networks!

Mobile social networks find users faster. An easy application often retains users.

Social networks that are available on desktop computers are able to bring like-minded individuals together, but there is a limit to this ability. Mobile app development is an important component of the success of a social network. A social network design that integrates mobile compatibility allows people to find others in their immediate area whether they are at home or on the go.

Mobile Social Network Statistics

Approximately 60 percent of traffic to social media websites is sourced from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. This statistic highlights the importance of mobile app design when it comes to social media.

Navigation is the biggest issue when a social network has not been properly optimized for mobile use, and users are more likely to spend longer amounts of time browsing, posting and making connections when social network development includes the creation of a mobile app.

The Benefits of Custom Social Network Design

Custom social network development is aimed at ensuring that the social network achieves its goal when it comes to connecting individuals to better the community.

Benefits of mobile social networks:

  • Greater exposure for the social network:Users are accessing networks through mobile devices, and businesses that are not offering these networks on a mobile platform are likely to get lost in the shuffle.

  • Less time spent on development:Companies that try to develop an app for their social network on their own often waste time and financial resources for a less-than-stellar result. Our project managers at Vinfotech often advise clients towards making a comprehensive plan to save time and costs in future.

  • High-quality results:Social network development is a process that takes time and experience. For instance, when a client approaches us for a mobile social network, we understand the objectives clearly and try to match the goals of the social network to the design of the mobile app. The end result is a high-quality app that gets initial set of users pretty quick.

  • Flexibility in design components:Companies that are thinking about having a mobile app developed for their social network may be wary of losing control when they outsource development. However, Vinfotech works hard to keep clients in the loop every step of the way. Clients retain the right to ask for changes to ensure that the end product is exactly what they are envisioning.

Team Vinfotech interacts on mobile social network on a regular basis. We understand simple apps with a group messenger as well as a complex one with the ability to find people based on current location and interests can also be produced. The mobility of social networks is an important feature that can often determine how successful these networks will be.

  • Most people access social networks on mobile phones
  • Any social network app is - by default - a responsive app
  • Mobile social networks get users faster

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world's best social networks for employees, customers, interest groups and sports fans. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your social network growth. Our award winning software vSocial™ allows us to build stellar customized communities faster and better. Our customers include Aston Martin, Burberry, Arabian Gulf League and Snapdeal.

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