You need 360-degree approach to fan engagement

How committed are you when it comes to constantly involving your fans in your sports brand? Team Vinfotech challenges your fan engagement commitments.

If your commitment towards engaging your fans is less than undying, you are not doing it right. Your fans are changing every day and if you are one of those sports leagues or clubs that have taken fan loyalty for granted, you will find yourselves up against not only your competitors but also your fans. Fan engagement is not an ecosystem of sports anymore, it’s a whole universe and you need a 360-degree approach for hitting a goal.

This is precisely why at Vinfotech Fan Engagement Cell, we lay a lot of emphasis on truly understanding your end-users – sports fans. We constantly research and dig deeper to understand millennial sports fans and what works for them. Our aim is to become the most dependable name in social fan engagement solutions. As a sports club or league that’s more ambitious than others, what do you really need?

Data-driven fan engagement

Access to fan data and its correct analysis today is the difference between winning and losing. A deep understanding of fan behavior helps you optimize your marketing efforts and enables you to innovate constantly. Our fan engagement platforms are powered by strong data analytics that help you steer the business in the right direction. We aim at decoding fan sentiment through capturing fan demographics and analyzing what fans are talking about, how and where they are spending their time and how their preferences are changing with time. This analytics would help your sponsors get the correct picture of your sports fan engagement and help you win long-term sponsorships.

Channelizing the right technology

The applications that we create are full-service sports club apps that have the features most needed for any fan engagement platform. Among the various features, we offer fantasy sports and predictions, discussion tools, live games, analytics, quizzes, polls and so on. Our powerful frameworks vFantasy and vSocial allow us to combine the best of social and fantasy sports apart from tailor-making the platform as per your needs.

Taking the 360-degree approach to fan engagement

There are three vital elements of a great fan engagement platform: an addictive app that keeps attracting fans, strong data analytics of fan behaviour and social and marketing initiatives. A lot of our clients have approached us in the past just for building the application but our ability to win them initial users and strong data analytics helped them become market leaders in their segment. Therefore, we always suggest a 360-degree approach to building an awesome fan engagement platform in which we focus on all these three aspects of building a complete brand.

Sports clubs, leagues and associations that are targeting various fan demographics need a synergy of branding and marketing efforts at several levels. It’s possible that a lot of these clubs have never felt the need for creating fan engagement culture owing to large fan following. However, millennial fans are like digital natives and they need nothing less than hyper-personal experience. The clubs and leagues therefore cannot take fan loyalty for granted any more.

At Vinfotech, we have had several examples of sports brands who took fan engagement to a whole new level. There’s Arabian Gulf League that multiplied its fan loyalty with an exclusive platform. Similarly, there’s MyFFPC – a noted football championship brand that didn’t shy away from going through a complete make-over for better and deeper fan engagement. If you are someone who prefers a 360-degree approach to fan engagement, do give us a call.

  • Decode fan behaviour with correct analytics
  • Channelize the technology that works
  • Take a 360-degree approach

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world’s best fan engagement solutions for fantasy sports startups, sports leagues & clubs and sports brands. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your fan engagement and fantasy sports growth. Our award winning software vFantasy™ allows us to build stellar rewards platform faster and better. Our customers include Zee Digital, Picklive and Arabian Gulf League.

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