Cloud Computing

Vinfotech enables companies in developing and deploying scalable web solutions on cloud computing providers such as Amazon Webservice, Rackspace Cloud and Windows Azure. We offer comprehensive solutions that enable you to design, build and launch your app on a cloud platform that suits your requirement.

AWS- Amazon Webservice

An company is one such service providers which deal in cloud services. We can work with various webservices working like S3 (Simple Storage Service) for data storage, EC2 (Electronic Cloud Computing) for cloud based hosting, SES (Simple Email Service) for email cloud and a Private Cloud  like VPN called as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

Rackspace Cloud

We can ensure scalable deployment of applications using cloud computing products like cloud servers, cloud files and cloud sites. 


A Microsoft company is also a player in this domain. Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as development, service hosting, and service management environment. We possess technical expertise to use its database software and provide you with scalable applications using Windows Azure. With our deep expertise in .NET Development Environment, using Azure as a cloud platform comes easily to us and is a logical choice for all such developments.

Cloud Computing can cater to following benefits

  • Unlimited storage
  • Objects are available to download anywhere, anytime.
  • The objects are logically and physically arranged. We can offer the logical and physical storage solutions.
  • Most storage options provide the data security channels which allow greater security to the data.
  • On demand computing and scalability.

Vinfotech deals in providing solutions to the ever growing need of cloud computing for the fast paced organisations. We have designed and deployed some exceptional file handling solutions, Social Networking Website, SaaS based portals for Startups using multiple cloud platforms.

So, wherever you need a store of such cloud storages, you can Contact Us for a quick and reliable solution.