Social Networking APIs

Social Network APIs are connecting commands, tools and functions used to take a user’s content from an established Social Network to another to save time and to reduce cost. It allows software to nudge data from a website. We use following APIs with any social networking website development.

Facebook API

Facebook APIOur developers implement the Facebook API permitting applications to utilize information from users profile and use social networks to create applications by issuing feeds like news and profile pages. Users can avail social context to their application like friend, photo, group, profile etc from any other social networking website

We make sure to incorporate right APIs at the right place to give a best fit. For e.g. twitter for blogging, Facebook for social networks, delicious for bookmarking etc.

Twitter API

Twitter APITwitter API allows websites to connect to various forms of twitter information like messages, updates etc. We make use of this framework to develop social networking applications interplay with twitter. Authorization of users is also supported by applications. Twitter API is a strong tool for cultivating online presence. We have developed a lot of applications where twitter API is used extensively to leverage user network.

Google map API

Google map APIWe make use of Google map APIs for embedding Google maps in your websites which also provides with number of features for including content to the map and develop secured applications.

We can use all Social Networking tools on your website. Please Contact Us with your requirements.