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Social Economix is an effective web 2.0 application platform to analyze the user impact over companies and their products. As name suggested, the site encompasses numerous economic and social networking elements. Have a look at some of them:

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Users can register through native/Facebook login, create profile and build their network. Their social network comprises of friends, companies, products and reviews. On the public page of company/product, they can write / read a Wiki and Share it on Facebook, recommend a company/product to friends, visualize similar company/product and examine a company/product network or mutual friend network.

The web 2.0 applications enable the end users to participate in discussions, comments on them and review features. The user can speak fearlessly about the company/product and share the fare opinion with the world. The other compelling web 2.0 solutions are Market Rating and User Rating. Through these, users can give their rating to companies/products and also can mark the status for it (in the form of "Support / Boycott / NA").

Pageview is another fascinating feature of SE. The pageviews for a particular company/product along with the user's perception is calculated by the system. At last, users can analyze the different attributes of the company with the help of graph. Say a user visits a company/product possessing a 5 Star market rating, in that case system will record a page with 5 Star Rating. And will carry forward the same with all pages till user clicks on a new company or product.

There is also a strong search mechanism in the website. Apart from all these, the users have the facility to follow any company/product which is not in the system (they can add it in the system as well. This needs to follow the moderation process in admin before appear into public site. ) These are some of the best web 2.0 and social networking solutions offered to SE by Vinfotech. For more information, feel free to visit (SE URL).

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Ajax, 4.0, Microsoft Windows Azure, SQL 2008