A complete visa guide to USA built in CodeIgniter & vbDrupal


Path2USA is a portal which was running from last one decade in USA and this portal is quite popular as heavy amount of traffic visit this portal on daily basis in order to render the information and services offered on the portal for immigration & Visa. The current site is designed and developed by Vinfotech and is an excellent example of unified opensource solution where we have used the capabilities of PHP5 along with php based popular CMS like VbDRUPAL and Wordpress by clubbing them under a unified backend.

The Path2usa framework is truly a light weighted one. The core system requires only elite group of libraries unlike many other Path2usa frameworks asking for more resources. Additional libraries are loaded dynamically upon request, based on needs of a given process, so the base system is very lean and quite fast. Path2usa framework uses the Model-View-Controller approach, which allows great separation between logic and presentation.

The argument of applying Codeigniter and VbDrupal is simply to maximize performance, capability and flexibility of this model in the smallest and lightest possible package.

Website features

  • Home page, containing a slideshow block, Forum, Blog, Share your experience , press releases etc
  • Several static pages (e.g. About, Registration, Copyright, Privacy, Contacts, FAQ etc.)
  • Video Integration
  • Classified Section
  • Community  feature
  • Website content and navigation elements is entirely managed via the CMS back-end (content items, navigation elements)
  • The system support the following content types
    • Post by members
    • Press releases
    • Feature Articles/resources
    • Online Visa Application
  • Travel Guides
  • Experience Section (Where user share their experience related to Visa interview  and also end visitors  can post  their comment )
  • NRI Corner and many more…
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CMS & Community

Tools Used
Codeigniter (php5 /MySQL framework), VbDrupal, Wordpress