Social Network Development: Our Beck and Call

Robust and State-of-the-Art Social Networks. Retain your Customers.

Our social networking solutions are designed to offer you a plethora of important functionalities to give the users a great social ambience. Keeping in mind the business logic, the targeted users and our clients’ goal and vision, we build custom social networks that sport a fine compilation of crucial UI features as per the concerned niche.

Our experience in building custom social networks for startups & enterprises equips us with the best practices in the industry to go about the task and create engaging social portals. With a simple and streamlined user experience, our social network developers synchronize social, mobile and cloud technologies together to create both generic and niche social networks that are unique yet come packed with fully customized features

While practically anyone can build a social network these days, Vinfotech is a social network development firm that prides itself in delivering robust and best-in-class social networks that are developed to be scalable to millions of users and utilize cloud and CDN network.

A Cup of Experience Shared by our Engineers

Go Addictive. Go Social. Go Perfect.

We offer custom social networking websites and mobile apps development. We build social model for your business so that you can reach your target audience. You have the idea and our solid engineering team can help you develop a business that can reach millions of people and one that can scale easily.

We are very well versed with the use of Social API’s like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc. Our custom social networking websites are built on Microsoft ASP.NET or Open Source PHP technology. We don’t use Joomla, Drupal or any other CMS to build social networks and write custom-code on our own framework that is optimized for Social Network Development. Our experience with social platforms like tags and API’s, micro-formats, data portability and open standards equips us to deliver solutions that ride high on quality and shine on usability.

Social Networking Development Features

Featuring easy interactions. Showcasing customer involvement. Making life easier.

With features surpassing the best of social networks, our rapidly deployed solutions carry the functionalities of the most popular social networks that you’d come across:

Activity Stream

Call it a dashboard or a timeline or come up with your own fancy name for it, this is the page where user lands for the first time and its absolutely important that besides looking great, this should load in a fraction of a second and uses smart algorithms to display content based on user’s preferences. The activity stream or wall on our social network is a single source to get updates from friends and followers on various social networks. Our social networks are so developed that the activity lay-out on the wall is simple and engaging. Users can listen to music and watch videos on our social networks without being interrupted while browsing through the network.

Social Network Development

Video and Photo Gallery

What’s a Social Network without Videos and Photos? We ensure that we not only use this as a part of our development but also ensure that the photos load blazingly quick. The videos are encoded to run on majority of platforms and appropriate buffering and optimization techniques are applied in order to give the users a great browsing experience. If you love photo filters we can help apply some cool filters on your photographs and allow your users to show their creativity.


Do you want Music as a feature to be developed on your social network? Are you sure about the copyright violation? What about streaming on mobile devices? Finally, how does one create an experience where music keeps on playing continuously even when the user navigates from one page to another? At Vinfotech we’ve faced all these challenges and have come up with great solutions to address these technical challenges.

Social Network Website Design
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Video Chat like Skype or Multiple Video Chat

Video forms an important part of any social networking development phase in the current era. With bandwidths getting better on desktop as well as mobile the use of Videos on Social Network is skyrocketing. At Vinfotech we develop Social Networks to capitalize on this and ensure that your users would not just be able to have a one on one chat but even a group Video Chat. Our social platforms also offer video chats across various web platforms including iPhone and android. With our social networks, video chats are just not a headache for the users. It is a luxury users can easily afford. A few clicks – and the very next second, individuals can start video chatting with their loved ones around the globe. You need not worry about the extra time it takes to set up a video chat. Social networks offer web based video chats with no external application and hence you can set up videos in a matter of seconds.

Efficient Search

Auto-suggest makes it easy for people to find friends and acquaintances with maximum ease. The search feature on our networks falls in perfect harmony with the idea of 'staying connected'.

Social Networking Web Development
Social Network Developers

Integrated Browsers

Our social networking websites allow you to
browse websites and surf the web on the
social network itself.


Our social networks allow you to have a single inbox to manage your emails on different websites. Users can also receive and send messages across all social networking platforms from a single source or email account.

Social Networking Web Developers

Text Chat using Social APIs

If your friends are on Facebook or Google or Twitter or Yahoo, can you integrate these chats into your own social network and stay connected? How about tying it all together so that you can have a chat with all of them and know instantly when they are online on any major social platforms? We develop social networks with unique features like these to bring your users a great browsing experience.

Develop Social Network

Events and Groups

We will not just help you develop Events or Groups as a part of your social network web development but will propose that your events to be merged with your Google Calendar or iCal feed and that your Groups have their own email Id. This way people don’t even have to come to your website to post to the group. Come and speak to us to get a whole lot of ideas on how you can make the user interaction exceptionally good.

Custom Social Network Development

Payment Integration

We integrate payment portals on social networks that help users carry out their transactions using their debit cards, credit cards, PayPal account and Money broker account. The configuration rides high on security and in an extremely easy way. Our social networks offer premium and paid services through these portals in a way that makes online financial transaction very simple to carry out.

Social Sharing

Share the content from your social network, like posts, images with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other popular portals. No, we don’t just put up a dumb Share button, we instead pick up the right social networks to share and reflect the importance of sharing it in a way that creates maximum impact.

Friendship/Following Model

Sounds easy, eh? Yes, it is. But when we are potentially talking about millions of users, multiple permission levels, various data shared amongst each of them, it can get slightly tricky. We’re here to help you with all that and a lot more. We’ve been building these relations for a couple of years now and over the years we have mastered database designing and planning for such interactions. So go ahead and create as many layers as you want!

Leveraging the Power of Technology

Mastering the Art of Custom Social Network Development

Leveraging the power of technology, you can not only expect a huge customer base on your social network but can also ensure that you have access to the potential users around the globe. However it all has to start with a beautifully designed social network, developed in a way that it aids the concept of customer retention.

The evolution in social networks has been quick and vast. In the current era, niche social networks can be termed the evolved state of affairs in social networking. Right from education based social networks to sports social networks that target different interests of people, custom social networks are going viral. Niche social networks have always had an edge over generic social networks and attract selected groups from around the globe who share a common interest. This leads to better quality of content and a popular platform where people can socialize with their peers and meet new people with the same interest as theirs. These social networks have an impressive personality, are full of knowledge and are absolutely free from commercial fluff.