Flexible & Belongs to You

We are a custom social network development firm and flexibility is a signature of both our development cycle as well as our engagement models for you. We focus on custom social networking development solutions which fits your preferences to the letter. The social network we design and develop and the source code, both belong 100% to you.

Scalable Social Networks

Vinfotech’s custom social network development cycle uses cloud hosting to assemble modules such as text chat, video chat, timeline, newsfeed etc. With modules and plug-ins for ASP.NET as well as PHP, such as Node.js, Angular.js, we ensure your social network is always lightning fast, loading in microseconds and seamlessly ensures best user experience.

This allows your social network to be inherently scalable for any level of growth. Be it a million users or a billion, we create database frameworks from ground up that is robust and dependable.

Customization and Specificity

As the leading web and mobile social network development company, we primarily write custom code, select the right framework and develop the architecture that fuels the core feature of your social network. We build customized modules for various features such as text chats, videos, music, connections entirely based on our understanding of your business logic. This understanding shows in our use of tools such as Social APIs, SDKs, indexing and search algorithms which provide more accuracy and better functionality.

Multi-Device Presence

Our social network development solutions enable you to choose between responsive social network development, mobile website and native mobile apps to deploy your social app. Vinfotech’s social network web developers are experts in creating multi-device presence from the start which means be it a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, your social network is always available anytime, anywhere for its users.

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