For a non-technical Startup founder (or even for the few technical ones) it is extremely important to have a partner who can take care of the technical challenges. You need someone to ensure that technically the app is brilliant, can handle the volume of your growing business and can take the development worries away from you.

Social Network Development Framework

After almost 12 months and 7000+ hours of continuous efforts and based on years of experience, our team has created a Common Vinfotech Framework that is now a de-facto standard for all applications that we build. It allows us to build products quicker than ever before while still maintaining the highest standards.


According to us the value of this framework and all the associated analytics is around $20,000. If you are a startup and getting your solution built by Vinfotech, you get this from us completely Free of cost. This can also give you a great competitive edge.

As the world is moving towards mobility, our framework has the mobile first approach. All the technicality which a team needs to handle is inbuilt in this wonderfully designed framework.


Application requirements change frequently. Therefore, the requirements of frameworks often change, as well. As frameworks invariably evolve, the applications that use them must evolve with them.

Framework maintenance may take different forms, such as adding functionality, removing functionality, and generalization. A deep understanding of the framework components and their interrelationships is essential to perform this task successfully. In some cases, the application developers and/or the end-users must rely entirely on framework developers to maintain the framework.

Mobile First

The days have gone when people would not be thinking about mobile presence of their product. Nowadays, people are very anxious to have their presence first. Our framework supports that. We have developed the Rest APIs and services in such a manner that it can be integrated with mobile as well as with web and that too without any additional efforts.


Building blocks that can be used piece by piece with other applications or frameworks. Frameworks enhance modularity by encapsulating volatile implementation details behind stable interfaces. Framework modularity helps improve software quality by localizing the impact of design and implementation changes. This localization reduces the effort required to understand and maintain existing software.

Ongoing process

In our framework there is no FULL STOP. We keep on making some inventions to improve the framework on all the above mentioned parameters and on some new parameters as well. We have an expert and very strong technical team behind this framework who keep working on it.


Application development will be increasingly based on the integration of multiple frameworks (e.g. GUIs, communication systems, databases, etc.) together with class libraries, legacy systems, and existing components.

However, many earlier generation frameworks were designed for internal extension rather than for integration with other frameworks developed externally. Integration problems arise at several levels of abstraction, ranging from documentation issues], to the concurrency/distribution architecture, to the event dispatching model. For instance, while inversion of control is an essential feature of a framework, integrating frameworks whose event loops are not designed to interoperate with other frameworks is hard.

Exception handling

Any good framework cannot be complete without a good Exception handling approach. In our application not only we handled them nicely to make our framework work flawless, but we record them in database with all possible relevant captured data to analyze later so that we can encounter them later to make out system full proof.


Now a days people are tend to see use the application in their local language. We understand the need and our framework is compatible with Multilingual.


Our web application framework comes with built-in tools which helps you to keep your application safe and secure. Such as:

  • Input validation
  • CSRF protection
  • Form tampering protection
  • SQL injection prevention
  • XSS prevention
  • Authentication
  • Authorization


vConnect is based on MVC Architecture and we have built it on Microsoft (.Net/MS-SQL) as well as LAMP Technology Stack

vConnect Architecture