We have been creating stellar social networks for our clients, but our love for social networks doesn’t end there. Our highly creative and versatile design team has come up with concept designs for some of the popular social networking websites like Facebook,Twitter and social media applications like Instagram, Whatsapp as reseach initiatives and a chance to showcase our design and planning skills.

We are proud to say that some of these concept designs have been listed on the "Featured Gallery" of Behance. The curatorial team hand picking these designs is the ultimate testimony to our excellence in design.

After the recent acquisition of WhatsApp by the social media giant, Facebook, we thought it would be great if we could come up with a redesign of WhatsApp that included Facebook in it and guess what?

The famous design magazine Fast Company wrote an article about the same appreciating our design skills.

  • Facebook Evolution Concept Design
  • Whatsapp and Facebook Concept Design
  • Instagram iOS 8 App Design
  • Snapchat Material Concept Design
  • Vinfotech Redesigned Twitter
  • Whatsapp iOS 7 Style Design
  • Viber iOS7 App Design
  • Behance iOS 7 App Design
  • Vinfotech Redesigned Skype iPhone App