In a recent research, it was established that a delay in website page loading by even one second can impact conversions by 7% and customer satisfaction by 16%. The report also found that the average online business had 8 days of downtime in a year due to performance issues leading to lost revenues. For any startup these figures could determine the difference between success and failure! Our QA service is a direct antithetic to these kinds of problems that startups often confront with. Our startup QA service ensure absolute peace of mind and an excellent, bug free startup product development.

We have been providing highest quality standards in services and solutions for startups. We have created a niche when it comes to providing solutions for Startup and adhering to best-practices in QA standards that ensures that your startup has the best chance of success. At Vinfotech, we’ve worked with dozens of startups and know what it tasks to create a product that would be liked and used by millions..

'Quality' is the word

Understanding the financial burden and constraints faced by most if not all startups, Vinfotech has developed three unique QA solutions to meet your requirements without creating a rift in your financial portfolio. Our Startup QA Services are designed to satisfy your QA dilemma at very affordable prices and thus enhancing your chances for launching a successful enterprise.

Startup QA Basic Startup QA Expert Startup QA Pro
Functional Testing Functional Testing Functional Testing
Business Flow Testing Business Flow Testing Business Flow Testing
Integration Testing Integration Testing Integration Testing
Component and API Testing Component and API Testing Component and API Testing
User Acceptance User Acceptance User Acceptance
Ad-Hoc and Exploratory Testing Ad-Hoc and Exploratory Testing Ad-Hoc and Exploratory Testing
Regression Regression Regression
  Cross Browser Testing Cross Browser Testing
  Usability Review Usability Review
    Performance Testing
    Security Testing
    Database Testing
  • Test Report! No Problem!

    All solutions will be accompanied with detailed test reports and problem lists.

  • Quality Assured!

    Startup QA Pro will also include a list of suggestions to overcome all issues raised.

  • De-Bugs Bunny Show

    De-bugging solutions can also be provided to fix all raised issues.