Medical Imaging Solutions

Bringing good care for patients takes more than just a physician's medical plan. In this era where the world is going digital and social, Vinfotech Healthcare IT will showcase a great expertise that will change the entire way of making crucial clinical decisions. Our comprehensive portfolio includes range of medical imaging solutions such as PACS imaging servers for storing medical files, web and mobile based secured imaging platforms and medical imaging as a part of your website or healthcare application.

  • Medical Imaging Solutions
    Secured DICOM Viewer empowering doctors to enhance clinical decision making
  • Medical Imaging Solution
    Customize uploader that internally follows HIPAA
  • Medical Imaging Systems
    A unique blend of medical imaging solutions and healthcare mobile social network

Our Offerings

  • Medical Imaging Solutions

    Product Engineering Services

    Web, mobile and desktop applications for managing & viewing patients diagnostic tests.

  • Medical Imaging Solution

    Integration Services

    Integration of PACS-DICOM in healthcare products like EMR, EHR, PHR, HIS and healthcare websites.

  • Medical Imaging Systems

    Testing & Enhancement Services

    Customization of DICOM viewer & DICOM compliance testing for healthcare applications.


  • Customization of PACS imaging server and integration
  • Audit mechanism for various medical imaging operations
  • Website and DICOM security with SSL
  • Uploader that accepts DICOM images and shows percantange upload
  • JPEG 2000/ JPEG DICOM support
  • Storage of medical images using Amazon S3 platform with encrypted data transmissions
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Dashboard to study patient series
  • Patient browser to view complete healthcare information.
  • Interactive image manipulation tools such as zoom, pan, cine and windows leveling.
  • Distance and angle measurement of object sizes using measurement tool
  • Advanced viewer functions such as multi-series, multi-image view etc.
  • View medical images on a secured viewer
Check out our Medical Imaging Solutions portfolio.
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