vSocial™ - Social Network Software

vSocial™ is everything that we’ve learnt about developing social networks. It’s a homegrown mobile-first framework that we built all our social networks on; be it for interest groups, for employees, for customer communities or for sports fans.

We’ve already invested over 20,000 hours into the development of the framework (and growing every day) and are constantly adding new features, security measures, tracking software to turn this into a powerhouse to build any social network app on top of.


Activity stream

Your single place to see all updates across the network. Be it a post, a photo, a discussion from a group or a knowledge article. Everything in a simple-to-consume manner.

vSocial Activity Stream Feature

Discussion forums

Engage in meaningful discussion within the network, find out experts and browse the content most meaningful to you.

vSocial Discussion Forums

Questions & answers

Use the power of crowd to get answers to questions. You now have the ability to look at the most appropriate response or unanswered questions.

vSocial Questions and Answers Feature

Knowledge base

Capture all knowledge within a group easily. Create, modify and organize helpful posts for authorized people to have easy access to.

vSocial Knowledge Base


Allow users to create groups based on interests, locations, or absolutely anything. Create ad-hoc areas and enable focused communication.

vSocial Groups


Create polls easily, add images, set expiry dates, allow anonymous voting. Generate useful insights from your network.

vSocial Polls

File sharing

Share files with friends or groups, search them easily and update newer versions.

vSocial File Sharing Feature

Skills and endorsements

Find out who’s the tech ninja in your team. Let the group rate each other on multiple skills so that you always know who to contact in case of a certain need.

vSocial Skills and Endorsements

Things you may be interested in

The app intelligently suggests members, groups, pages or info you may be interested in.

vSocial Social Network Software

Friend/follow models

We can help you create network models on an engaging social platform for users to find, add, delete and follow other users.

vSocial - Social Network Platform

Personalized activity stream

Show the users what’s most relevant to them. Bring up the content that they want to see before other content type.

vSocial Personalized Activity Stream

Tagging in post and media

Catch someone’s attention by tagging users within a post or on a photograph.

vSocial Tagging Feature

Media gallery

Your users can upload photos & videos, organize them in albums, share them with their friends and browse it conveniently from all devices.

vSocial Media Gallery


Let your users stay updated of all the happenings by receiving in-app, push and email notifications. They can even decide what kind of notifications they want to see.

vSocial Notification Feature

Text chat with social APIs

Your users can connect their FB, Google, MSN and Yahoo friends to chat with them on our platform.

vSocial Text Chats with Social APIs

Group text and video chat

Your users easily stay connected and interact with real time chats and video calls. All optimized for bandwidth.

vSocial Group Text and Video Chat Feature


From small private events like birthday parties to huge public events like soccer matches, allow your users to create events, invite other users and market it properly across the social channels.

vSocial Events Feature

Admin and analytics

Manage your community easily and analyze all the data gathered from your user base.

vSocial Admin and Analytics

Social login and sharing

Allow your users to connect to your social network through Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn. Share the content of your social network on these popular social networks.

vSocial Sharing Feature


Users and companies on the social network can have pages for their brands, business, products or services. Users can rate businesses and businesses can interact with their consumers through this.

Social Networking Software

Optimized for mobile-first world

From responsive designs to full-fledged mobile apps, your social network is designed with mobile in mind.

Ability to handle large number of users

The system is regularly being tested with thousands of users and has a strong architecture to withstand huge volumes.

Completely customizable

From adding newer modules to completely changing the designs of the core platform, vSocial provides for some extremely smart customization.

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