Social Networks for Interest Groups

We are global leaders in building white label social networks or in creating custom social media apps for interest groups. Talk to us to create your own private social network.


You want to create an engaged community by building a social networking website around a particular interest group. You don’t want to settle for anything but the best social network website developers out there.


A team that understands the science of creating a buzzing community around an interest group. A specialist social network app development company consisting of experienced social network app developers and social network graphic designers who truly understand rules of community engagement.

Social Networks
for Interest Groups
  • Niche social network on our powerful framework

Existing business
  • Add a social layer on top of your existing app

Advantage Vinfotech

  • Feature rich social network
  • Faster execution
  • Buzzing community
  • Custom-made
One of its kind
Get ready in Weeks, not months
Beautiful interfaces + Rapid development

Vinfotech is the social network app development company that thought leaders from around the world reach out to when they need to make a social network built around an interest group for

Existing business

Create a social network around your industry and give your brand maximum recall among the minds of the consumers.

Startup entrepreneur

If you have a powerful idea around a social network, our social network designers and app developers can help you create an engaging community.

What you will get is a buzzing community

We are not just social network designers or developers. We understand the rules of engagement and the methods to take a community from initial, to growth, to maturity stage.

Get the MVP out in weeks, not months

Whether you want a private social network or you want to create a niche social media app on iPhone and Android, we build everything on top of our homegrown social networking software allowing us to create social networks really fast.

What can you expect?

Feature rich social network

We have a dedicated team of 50 social media developers and social network designers working constantly on our social networking software. Everyday a new set of features is being added based on thorough feedback & user research. We are out there to create the best social network communities using our social network software.

Benefit: When you ask us to create an interest-based social network for you, what you get is over 20,000 hours of research. The developed features are robust, time-tested.

Social Network Design
We build them really fast

With the help of our vSocialTM software and our community specialists, we can roll out your interest-based social network within 6 weeks and tailor make it to suit the preference of your community users.

Benefit: Design thinking emphasizes the importance of taking the product out to the users as quickly as possible and involves taking regular feedback. #1 Rule for Success.

Social Network App Designers
Buzzing community

What’s the point of creating a beautiful social network where there is no action? Our team of community specialists ensures engagement and from the day we begin developing your community, a team of community specialists would be on the job laying down roadmap of the social network across various stages of growth. We use very strong analytical tools and measure everything on social networks we build.

Benefit: On the launch day of your interest-based social network, you will see action, activity and a sense of familiarity in your users.

Social Media Development
Custom-made for you

With our homegrown social networking software, we sit uniquely at a cusp where we can help you create a social network that is time-tested and at the same time customize it for your unique audience.

Benefit: Create a social media platform that fosters a deeply influential and unique relationship with your end-users. Just the kickstart required for a lifelong association with your audience.

Custom Social Network Design
Why Vinfotech for interest-based social networks?

The social network experts

That’s what our team does for a living - developing social networks. We know what’s trending. Our team has transformed from mere social network designers to community specialists.


Assisting you in growing the network

We like to call ourselves your “growth partners”. Our community managers would work with your marketing team and assist you from your launch to growth to maturity stages of your social network.


Certified community specialists

We have certified community specialists in the team who know how to grow a community from inception to millions of users. They are adept at engaging the audience, taking feedback and using it effectively towards product development.


Designs that will make your users fall in love

We know that there is no falling in love without beauty and that is why design is at the forefront of our social network strategy.


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