Customer Social Networks

We help brands keep making products people love and buy by reimagining the way they connect with their millennial customers.


Millennials want to ask questions, get answers and give feedback around products they are interested in. How are brands going to ensure millennials that they are heard and are involved for improving existing products and build new ones?


Brands need customer social network to build their own millennial expertise, to increase revenue, decrease support costs, generate new product ideas, improve SEO, and strengthen brand equity.

Social Networks
for Customers
  • Cars are social products, sell more with superior customer insights.

Any other enterprise
  • Listen to your customers to build more relevant products & services

Advantage Vinfotech

  • We understand buzz & user groups
  • You don't need staff to manage
  • Meaningfully diverse team to work with
  • Beautiful & gamified interfaces
  • Get started in six weeks
Superior millennial customer engagement
Ensure intial users
vSocial™ - our social network software

Vinfotech is the customer social network company that biggest brands from around the world reach out to when they need customer communities in a social model.


Cars are becoming social products, sell more with superior customer insights

Any other enterprise

Listen to your customers to build more relevant products and services.

Increase sales

  • 54% companies increase engagement and decrease attrition
  • 50% engage their prospects earlier in the sales process
  • 50% use it for up-sell & cross promotion opportunities

Strengthen brand equity

  • 77% believes it improves brand exposure, awareness & credibility
  • 74% use it to drive organic search traffic
  • 60% use it to create more engaging web presence

Decrease support costs

  • 77% say it¹s the key component to their customer support
  • 49% report cost savings of 10-25% annually in support operations

New product ideas

  • 72% use it to get product feedback
  • 67% collect ideas for new products and features
  • 46% rely on feedback on prototype and beta products

"Vinfotech, as a UX driven company, provides support every startup should have when bringing their product to market."

James Chang
Co-founder of Frenzy

What can you expect?

Sharper customer insights

Our social networks are designed to give you sharper customer demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights required to create more relevant products. Enterprises also utilize these finer insights in designing hyper-personal experiences to better engage millennials.

Sharper Customer Insights through Social Network

We¹ve mastered gamification, driving social network engagement through game dynamics like social reputation, rank, badges, and privileges.

Social Network Design for Customers
Responsive / mobile

Engage your customers anytime, anywhere, on any device so they can easily find what they need in your social network.

Social Network Development for Customers
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Vinfotech puts the turbo in your SEO, driving traffic to your site. SEO best practices are dynamically built into the DNA of our social networks.

SEO Freindly Social Network
Feature rich social network

We have a variety of social networking features and we can customize them for your requirement. Have a look!

Feature Rich Social Network
Why Vinfotech for customer social networks?

We understand buzz and user growth

We understand what it takes to connect customers in fun, engaging and gamified social networks, where they feel like coming again and again. We ensure initial set of real engaged users, to put your social network on fast track growth.


With us, you don't need staff to manage

You wouldn't find a company as complete as ours for all your community needs: Consultancy, design, engineering and full community management support.


Get started in 6 weeks, with a social network just for your brand

With vSocial™ , our social network software, that allows us to build custom communities better and faster.


Meaningfully diverse team to work with

We are rapidly becoming world's most eclectic team of community specialists, psychologists, business strategists, usability geeks, data scientists, designers and developers.

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